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  1. it did. please watch my youtube vides for a proof that the method worked all the time. but NOTE: this method git patched with the newest twins update. it cant be right that u are the only one for who it didnt worked month ago. because for a lot of people it did. Right now it got patched. If someone somehow manages to bypass it then please let me know, otherwise this method is dead. Cheers
  2. the cookie isnt right. i dont think u got the right one. cookies (bhvr sess) look different.
  3. would be really cool if zahir adds this to his cheat table, but as the table is for ViP users only a lot of people couldn’t use it. Thats why i jus made it DIY.
  4. Did u did everything right? Maybe check some other comments, I think I solved a similar problem back then.
  5. Should work, but idk. I don’t play dbd anymore on phone.
  6. What do you mean by links? If the Word has an underline you can click on it and it will lead you to the following topic/member/app/whatever.
  7. Strange, maybe try the newest version without shards? For me Bloodpoints worked but maybe it got patched.
  8. Disclaimer: I am not the founder of this method or any of the programmes used in this tutorial! I don’t know if everything works and I am not responsible for any bans. If you want to level you characters only please use my other method. I also don’t want to advertise the mpgh forum in any way, it’s just the only method working for dbdm atm and some people asked me to find a way to edit bp and rank. Thanks DIY Requirements: - Non-Jailbroken or Jailbroken iPhone/iPad. - An PC, Fiddler and XQDBD For anyone worrying about viruses: VirusTotal And XQDBD is opened sourced now! Check the newest topic at the mpgh forum. (For anyone who wants to check manually) Yes! This works on Non-Jailbroken too! DIY Features: - Basically unlimited Bloodpoints - Rank Changer I Don’t know about shards/level because I didn’t tried yet BUT if someone manages to get this done please tell me in the comments. [Hidden Content] Credits: - NeoxXII - theexeq (XQDBD) - telerik - Flechering (YouTube Video)
  9. Thx 😂 actually tried this alone for some time I think a half year ago, didn’t worked. Seemed like I didn’t hidet my jailbreak. How ever thx
  10. Wrong number. See the 145 and 85? That are the numbers! Hope I could help. Now should it work!
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