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  1. I don’t have mobilesubstrate as an option for some reason in library. i checked multiple times, really weird because i seen that as well while looking around earlier and was checking for it then.
  2. I looked around and saw you had to delete it via Cydia so i went and did that yet nothing happened. The cydia tweak is gone but the mod menu keeps popping up. I deleted the .Deb file and there’s nothing left with Blazing on it yet it still didn’t work. I then deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times but yet again it won’t uninstall. I deleted the tweak, .deb file and reinstalled the app but i’m stuck. I wanted to remove it because now it’s starting to crash the app when playing due to the updated mod not working. anyone please help. I tried every single thing but it won’t go away. There’s no tweak or file or anything.
  3. just tried it again and it’s the same problem. i have my ultimates to start but no one hit kill or high damage attacks. i then let myself get hit to decrease my HP to see if i die or not but i died and got the mission over prompt. im on uncover 12.1.2 iphone X
  4. sorry if i’m getting annoying with my comments but the mod menu seems to not work, infinite skills is the only one that works but one hit kill and the rest doesn’t work. just a heads up bro @DanYal
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