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  1. @Psychopathy Yes. Non-jailbroken. But all the other mod apps (Non-jailbroken) I've used from iOSGods never had the Game Center disconnection issue. (ex. Injustice 2, Need for Speed No Limits, etc.) Just wondering why ZG Survival would have it. This game doesn't seem that intricate and complex as the ones I've mentioned above. To add, also using the same device for all those apps as well.
  2. @Zahir and @Psychopathy I appreciate the replies and concerns. As suggested I did install the Apple Store version of ZG Survival. Game Center immediately kicked in at the open of the Apple Store version of the game. But afterward when I opened the iOSGods! version no Game Center notification. As informed previously; The mod version isn't recognized by Game Center. To add; I tried again, but the second try I had signed out of Game Center so the mod activated the sign in window of Game Center, But once signed in the notification Popped up again. Not recognized.
  3. @K_K 1945 Air Forces has been updated to Version 8.95 Thank you in advanced for your time and effort.
  4. @Laxus Jetpack Joyride 2 was updated to Version 1.49.2 Thank you as always, in advanced.
  5. @Laxus PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage is now PicsArt Photo Editor + Video Editor With a new Version of 18.0.2. Is it possible to update the mod? Thank you in advanced for your time and effort. It's greatly appreciated.
  6. @Zahir Thank you for the speedy response. This hack doesn't save to Game Center as well. Was just wondering why. (Got a pop up that states "This game is not recognized by Game Center")
  7. @Zahir Zombie Gunship Survival has a new update ... v1.6.37 Please update the hack. Also, if possible; Every game I've played from IOSGods has normally connected and progress saved to Game Center. This game (ZG Survival) has not been able to do that. I was wondering why. As always thank you in advance. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
  8. YES!!! Please update this old game but newly found to version 1.6.35. Thank you in advanced.
  9. YES!!! Please update this old game but newly found to version 1.6.35. Thank you in advanced.
  10. YES!!! Please update this old game but newly found to version 1.6.35. Thank you in advanced.
  11. YES!!! Please update this old game but newly found. Thank you in advanced.
  12. @Laxus Thank you for the quick response! Alto's Odyssey game in question. @Rook I hope all is well. Speedy recovery. Your in my prayers!
  13. After downloading Sideloadly .IPA through Mac, Installing .IPA on iPad, As usual .IPA opens and usual IOSGODS menu pop up shows, But, when I click on the "Thank you!" prompt to start the game, I am taken to a "404 Page Not Found" with a "login to iOSGods.com notice, plus a iosgods.com link, And a cancel link which brings me back to the fully loaded start of the game, with a notice prompt: "Warning This hack won't work because you aren't logged in to your iOSGods account. Please open the app again and login to your iOSGods account." The issue is that I am logged in plus any links directly connected with the .IPA that let me login don't notify the initial iOSGods prompt to enter the fully loaded game. How do I resolve this issue. Apologies if I overlooked a forum or post regarding this issue. Newbie here!!!
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