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  1. Thanks Rook!! That’s exactly what was happening. When I went back to settings, the Installation download was still up instead of the Authentication download. I needed to hit cancel and then the Authentication download was displayed. Hope that makes sense? Anyway, as always thanks for the help. The customer service and camaraderie here is 2nd to none.
  2. Hello Friends, I am having trouble downloading the iOSGods App+ version on my “jailed” iPhone 8plus. It seems to be on a loop And will not Authenticate. When I click the authenticate button it just starts the download process all over again. I suspect it is due to daddy Apple revoking the certificate again? Is that what’s happening? Am I doing something wrong? I do pay for the App+ Subscription and am using the same device I always have. I was receiving emails whenever the certificates were fixed and the App could be re-downloaded but haven’t received one since November. Will I get one once this issue is fixed? Thanks in advance to anyone that has any suggestions or advice. Have a great day.
  3. @Laxus, first I’d like to say thank you for all the hard work you do. You not only hack the best games but you’re doing a great job keeping them updated. Is there any way we can get an update to the latest version? I realize this isn’t the most popular game but my wife loves it. You know what they say “Happy Wife = Happy Life”... Thanks in advance.
  4. @Laxus we really need your help now buddy. The developers have gone and issued a new mandatory update. I can no longer access their servers with your version on the iOSGods App+. I know that you’re pretty good about updating your stuff & You may not even be aware of it yet. Thanks for your help. You are a Rockstar 😎
  5. Awesome Hack!! This is by far one of the best hacks out there IMO. Laxus, you did an excellent job with this one and we appreciate your dedication to keeping it current as well. You’re the best!!
  6. Thank for the info bro. That makes perfect sense. Their new updates are definitely designed to keep the hacker community out. I guess they finally succeeded to an extent. For now at least. 😂 Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way. Look forward to seeing how it pans out. For those that are unaware, the latest developer update did reinstate diamond mining. (probably unknowingly on their part) Happy Hunting!!
  7. Thanks for all the hard work Laxus. I know we all appreciate it. Especially considering the fact that the developers of this game update it so much. No doubt that they’re trying to keep the hackers out. I see where you said that the added diamonds hack is now gone due to server issues. Is it the same with Battle Tokens? They aren’t adding when spent anymore either. Thanks Again!!
  8. Looks like they’ve updated again. I keep getting a notification to upgrade and that takes me to the App Store. Looking forward to the latest patch. Thanks Laxus for all your hard work.
  9. @Laxus is this download working as of today April 20th 2019 ? I’ve tried to download the link so that I can use it and no luck. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. For some odd reason I cannot view the download link it remains hidden even after I've commented and liked the post. Any ideas?
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