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  1. got it to work now.. i deleted all of my tweaks and reboot and reinstall the hack ..pretty sure there was a tweak that might be conflicting the hack to not work.
  2. i've checked 3 times and even rejaibreak , followed exactly as the tutorial.. if i do it wrongly, my cydia tweaks won't even work at all but it is actually works just fine no issues.. hermm
  3. I've tried it and the hack still not showing in in game menu.. but all the tweaks downloaded from cydia is working fine just the hack not working? Tried many games and the problem still exist..
  4. Yeah me too..tried all the steps given..it still doesn't work.. the hack does not show up in game menu... But tweaks install from cydia is fully functional.
  5. hey i need help.. my cydia impactor stopped working when i try to install hacked ipa. i was using the latest version of cydia impactor and running ios 11.3.1. it says stopped working when the installation is almost finish..
  6. This tweak does not work with ios 7? It gives me an error " cant connect to itunes store"
  7. Okay i've found the solution and now it's fixed. /closed
  8. ok i've tried both method the cydia impactor is stuck on 'Preflighting Application' while on iTunes gave me an error about the authorize thing.. i also tried with pp but still can't install it... I even tried to install it with iTools and it works but the app kept crashing as i open the app ....hermm any other solution?
  9. Okay i'll try.. Thanks.. I'll be back with an update.
  10. hermm if i would install it with cydia impactor.. Where can i get the ipa file for the whatsapp because it will redirect me to itunes if i click on the appstore link...
  11. Unfortunately not but you could tell me the steps i need to do as im not at home right now.
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