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  1. Does this work? Past version didn't allow you to re-load your data from EA's cloud making this hack useless. Please PM me your answer. Don't come here often.
  2. Was this ever filled? If so update to the latest version.
  3. Here is a tutorial on how to install this hack. . Please donate to my patreon page so I can bring you more videos.
  4.  does this still work on the newest version?

    1. spokkio
    2. Zomboy HD

      Zomboy HD

      Yes it was just updated Tuesday, your all good my friend 

  5. I get an error trying to load this. File: AFC.CPP; Line 272 AFC_E_PERM_DENIED. IPhone X, IOS 11.1.1, I used cydia impactors 9.51 and 9.45. Please help PM me and email me at [email protected] Don't come here that often.
  6. Will tekken 1.5 update be hacked today on IOS? Please email me [email protected] Don’t come here that often. This is the only mobile game I play at the moment. 

    1. Joey
    2. timbojill


      Thank you so much for working on the hack.

    3. Joey


      Yea thankyou so much  for your email I completly ignored

  7. Filza gives an error when trying to install. please help. It gives a command not recognized error.
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