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  1. Hey, can you tell me. is it still possible to enable Dev mode on android and how can you do it ? please reply if you see my message. thanks
  2. We have come a long way together and you are still the best. Thanks you for everything you write and create for us. We move together until now is still amazing...
  3. Please make an auto update if possible. Thanks you for your hard work. Hope you have a good health and doing well in there. @Sterling0x1 @Mayaxaya @DiDA
  4. There you go. credit yulujailbreak net i found on Twitter. https://yalujailbreak.net/fortnite-ipa-download/ tell me if it work.
  5. I lose data of my game in this game. dont know how to get em back.
  6. Well... My favorite show so far in 2019 is THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (2019) and Game of Thrones new season in 2019. i’m waiting for this show new season. *_*
  7. iOS 11 cannot Run 32 bit why you write work on iOS 11 too ? cannot even open, it ask for Dev to update the app to be apply to open the app. did you know ?
  8. Nope!!! 100% sure not working. because even you can install, you still cannot open. The iOS 11 Security system ask for app to be update by it Dev for the new version of iOS 11 because iOS 11 is running 64 bit and iGG using 32 bit. thats why it cannot be run on iOS 11
  9. Thanks you very much for making this come true *_* thanks you for your hard work. Maybe rename it ? the ApMenu file i mean
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