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  1. @nessawo Really?? Ok lmfao...a sht ton of people requesting the exact same thing over and over again ISN’T considered nonsense?? guess i ruffled ur feathers, lol and because its common sense, this is ur only rise from me
  2. lmfao...i guess people still think that if the same message is constantly posted maybe it will make things go faster...wow, patience people. I’m sure they know it’s down and i’m sure someone is working on it. So lets try not to clutter an important topic with repetative nonsense.
  3. Missing PayPal...RIP iOSGods...gonna miss u

    1. Pickle Rick

      Pickle Rick

      Just go buy a prepaid vise/mastercard lol or use the card you had on paypal directly on iG.

    2. KouchPotato


      thanks Pickle Rick, but i have plenty of cards and there’s a reason PayPal exists

    3. C H U C K Y

      C H U C K Y

      "paypal credits" exist too.

  4. so i guess its just me... I am unable to move around or rotate, until i get killed. And even after that i can only move around, NOT rotate. Everything else seems to be working fine. sry for the dub post
  5. he added a second instruction video just for that file when he uploaded it
  6. only thing not getting me banned is antenna
  7. take ur time brother...never a rush here...just thankful ur workin on it
  8. no ban on 11.3.2...just nothing working
  9. iPhone 6 Plus running 9.3.3 gets the ban iPad Pro just cant get features
  10. i didnt get banned on iPad Pro but the first three i killed i got normal recoil...sprayed from bottom to top i even placed the files with the app running and without it running
  11. yeah man, i can read...and no, i wasnt expecting either just hoping to NOT get banned for 10 days, one of these days and thanks to Apps Manager i have unlimited "throw-aways"
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