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  1. Just tried, does not work with mobile data.
  2. I tried on eastern USA (which shouldn’t have made a difference) and I also tried in Germany.
  3. No luck with the VPN. I live on the East Coast, MD to be exact.
  4. It gives the “unable to download app” error. I live in the U.S. I’ll try a VPN and get back to you.
  5. Yeah, I figured this would be the best place to post it.
  6. https://app.iosgods.com/store/appdetails/189-wolframalpha-cracked I read the FAQ and it said that the issue may be either the network, the IPA, or the certificate. I’ve switched networks as well as waited a few days in between and both resulted in no avail. I was curious if there was a fix for this as I use this app for school. Merci.
  7. Ha! You're alive :O

    1. ._.


      Aye man, it’s been awhile! Are you still on the modding scene, I assume by your rank?

    2. TheArmKing


      Yeh but I have exams rn :(

  8. Would passes and diamonds work? I've figured out a way to get those to you. Unsure about "choices".
  9. You can use this tutorial to create an unsigned apk and be able to login with google play. You must have root.
  10. Already been stated this cannot be done, sorry. Be a little more careful next time.
  11. This should go under mod requests. https://iosgods.com/forum/74-apk-mod-requests/
  12. Emulators - I assume you are saying you would like an iOS emulator? That hasn't been possible due to restraints set by Apple I believe, unless you were talking about something else? -Update to the ViPs, do people using the app need regular vip or non-jailbroken vip? You do not need VIP to download most of the things on the app, although I think it would be a good idea to add VIP only things and have a VIP section only able to be seen by VIP users upon log in on the app. -Favorite/star, being able to put apps you use or want on a list to check faster. Say if i star Dokkan Battle, i can easily check my list to find it and update it to quickly resign, if possible link that to our accounts so i can always log back in and have the list of my apps - This is a great idea, I think having a section added named something like "Starred Hacks" would be a good thing so you can just roll in, download it, and start playing.
  13. holy sh!tttt this is insane, i knew something GOOD was coming
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