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  1. Haha thanks man!! Yeah man If something is not “working” or “available I am sure DiDa has done it on purpose to better the mod. Yeah sometimes there are issues but DiDa is a god at fixes and updates. Just play and explore the mod! Haha just don’t play guild with the mod.
  2. thank you so much for these fast updates. Very much appreciated! I can tell a lot of thought went into this mod. For example not having infinite strong attacks if using auto because your character would literally just stay at one spot. The custom attack with enemies don’t attack works really well in co-op. If you play around with the mods I think you can get what you want out of it.
  3. What I do is turn on enemies don’t attack #2 and use the custome attack mod. I usually have it at 50,000. If you wanna auto it’s basically like one hit kill without having to wait for all players to kill their enemies. Also, enemies won’t attack you. If you don’t wanna auto just DC and turn on one hit kill with enemies don’t attack. Easy!
  4. Bleach brave souls version 8.1.2 is now mandatory. @DiDA please update when you get a chance.
  5. Yeah @DiDA there is a good chance for an update please update if you can or have the time. always thank you for your hard work
  6. Thank you worked perfectly!! @DiDA 8.0.6 update is now mandotary please update whenever you get a chance or possible.
  7. How do you DC in IOS 12? Also, big updates coming up for bleach brave souls! First version 8.0.6 and then 8.1 @DiDA just putting it out there in advance
  8. This mod works perfectly and thank you again @DiDA . One advice I would give is do not mod guild quest otherwise you will get banned. I thought I had the mods off but the no special cooldown feature was on and I too many soul bombs were used.... My 4 year old account with allot of characters and so many things just got banned. Feels bad :(
  9. This works perfectly for me. Sometimes you might have to turn off auto win before the duel and start it a few seconds later. Just beat the shadow boss. Had to turn off auto duel and after hitting him I turned it on. Works great . I have not experienced any crashes Is your game updated? Maybe delete the game and install it again or do a custom install
  10. @DiDA hello I hope you had an amazing weekend. Please fix co-op when you get a chance. god mode in co-op is linked to enemies (most important mod I think) one hit kill is linked to enemies no spawn cool down not working properly ( no big deal)
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