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  1. I’m in, plus DADi needs more support with his hard effort instead of apple just destroying his hard work.
  2. Idk why my apps are working I have a iPad Pro and it works just fine,anyone else or just me?


    1. Error.


      Why wouldn't the apps work?

    2. theunkyow


      There is a revoke for newly downloaded apps and it’s works fine for me

    3. Laxus


      Could be unc0ver anti revokes

    4. theunkyow


      I ain’t unc0ver jail broken 


  3. no,however I really wanna jailbreak I saw the update for unc0ver for iOS 12.2.0 and I was really upset because my iPad is version 12.4.0
  4. Sorry guys it’s depressing so stay tuned for updates
  5. They said that there is nothing that they can do for now so it will not be done for a few days or weeks
  6. Sorry guys got news from DiDA that there is nothing he can do for now 😕
  7. The server is down don’t worry DiDA is workin on it so be patient and when it’s out delete all ur apps on the certificate and download them back it’s being released sometime tonight
  8. Everyone I just got news that it will be released today around 8pm or sometime late so stay tuned! So guys if you have questions about the app just message me and I will answer your questions
  9. @Damontq will have to delete all the apps related with the hack bec they aren’t included with the new certificate And don’t try to verify them in settings bec apple will lock you out of that certificate and the developers certificates
  10. Guys just be patient he is workin on it plus it’s expensive for him to do it
  11. No it’s the app too bec it says an error bec the server is down It’s a code 500 error which means error in the connection to the server
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