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  1. Im trying to clone discord since i have two separate accounts and switching in between the two is alr troublesome bc i have to use back up codes each time since I accidentally forgot to change phone numbers for the Two-Factor setting when i changed my personal one. So having the app cloned would be much easier. Any app/tweak that can do this?
  2. What’s funny is that non spanish speakers don’t understand the name. “Pendehoes” is also pronounced as “pendejos” meaning “dumb*sses”
  3. Props to the devs trying to find a fix. Sorry for having to put up with some of  the bullsh*t some people spit out

  4. Hey apple can you do me a favor?

    f*** off will ya? We tryna enjoy ourselves here triggered

  5. Damn revokes now even Unc0ver is not working and it’s gonna be a while before i can re jailbreak:mad:

    1. Noctisx


      Buy a laptop :jerry:

    2. Cethic


      Wanna fund me it?:jerry:

  6. And honestly please update the honkai impact 3rd hack. Huge event coming up soon and im too weak to do it. Its been 3 weeks : (

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cethic
    3. Britnie


      Omg guys please update the honkai impact game hack and make

      an app inside iOS gods app

    4. yssyksa


      Pls update!

  7. Honestly I'm only here to say one thing....






















  8. PLSS i have been wanting to get a dancing pfp for the longest. Itd be cool to win. Im totally down
  9. Also waiting for honkai impact3rd 3.5.0 update :/

  10. unravel from tokyo ghoul will not stop playing in my head pls help

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