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  1. Will Smith : I'm a legend, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hancook Jason Statham :The Transporter, Wrath of Man ,homefront,Parker Tom Hanks : Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Sully, The terminal Denzel Washington : Equalizer2 ,Fences, man on fire ,Traning day Sylvester Stallone : Credd, rambo expendables, evasion, Rocky balboa
  2. Try kern+flyjb w/latest version of substitute.. (try at your own risk, mine works perfectly in ios 13.3 unc0ver jb)
  3. Another forced update, please update to the latest version thankyou!
  4. Update your substitute from cydia, then use kern bypass and flyjb both turned on
  5. Seems that the new update detects my jb, I’m using unc0ver jb ios 13.3 with kern+liberty because flyjb+liberty/shadow+liberty or flyjb on its own doesn’t work on my device, could anyone help?
  6. I’m on IOS 13.3, Ipad 6th gen. My uncover got revoked, anything that I install says “unable to install at this time” or even if did succeed to install, It just crashes right after I open it.. How can I unjailbreak? Please help
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