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  1. There’s no way to unban your Facebook account. This tutorial lets you unban your guest account so that you might create as many accounts as you like without having to create fb profiles.
  2. FIY: If you wanna switch from a Facebook account to a guest one (or viceversa) you can open the game and once it loads up the one account you’re currently singed in with, enable airplane mode. Wait until you see a pop-up prompting you to retry or quit game and select the latter. Then, when you’re back on the first screen, close the game, disable airplane mode and re-open the game. I’ll let you choose whichever type of account you prefer.
  3. Glad it worked broheme What does it say? Just syntax error?
  4. Yeah I saw that one yesterday after you commented that. Already asked the guy if he wants me to delete it. I don't hate them too much, when you're new to jailbreaking you literally have no idea how to fix stuff, you don't know what's possible and what's not, and so it's only natural that they be asking questions all the time.
  5. Yes in fact there is. I've been rage cheating for a while now and didn't get banned. The thing is, you get banned whenever you modify a value inside the game. For example, if you use no recoil, no spread, high jump, no crosshair, a different speed or FOV, you are essentially modifying values of the game, and they have a way to detect that. Also, hacking the radar, at least in the way that it's done with the public iOS Gods hack, gets you banned as well. That's because the cheat essentially changes a function to make the game radar show the enemies always, as opposed to only when they're spotted. So the slightest modification to any game value will result in a ban. That being said, any feature that doesn't mess with game values will not get you banned, for instance ESP, smooth aimbot, or even an external radar that does't mess with the game's native radar. It does
  6. If you're referring to this post then you're wrong, it's not the same method. I posted it beacuse I didn't see another post on iOSGods with this method being applied to COD. If you know of another post on this forum about the same thing please provide the link. If you already knew this method then kudos to you, but clearly there's plently of people who didn't know how to unban their guest account and they've found this post useful.
  7. If you wanna be able to start a fresh account with another Facebook account you have to delete the files keychain-2.db, keychain-2-db-shm and keychain-2.db-wal inside /var/mobile/Keychains. There's another post on that already, but keep in mind that it will delete all your passwords. On the other hand, if you want you use the same Facebook user with a new COD Mobile account, what you can do is follow my tutorial, then go to Facebook > settings > apps and websites and delete COD Mobile. After that, start a new guest account and try to link it to your Facebook account. The fact that you played one match and got banned is because features such as radar hack and no recoil are likely detected. Sometimes they even show on the killcam, which means instant detection.
  8. No spread maybe, try it on a guest account. If you get banned I have a post on how to unban your guest account
  9. Please read what it says on the introduction, rusky 😉
  10. Requirements: Being jailbroken and having Filza installed. Alright guys so today I'm gonna be walking you through a step-by-step guide on how to get your Guest Account unbanned from COD Mobile. I'm aware there's already another post on how to get your device unbanned, but really what that does is it completly erases your keychains and in so doing it also deletes all your passwords which means you'd have to login again on every single account from every application installed on your phone. The method explained in that post lets you start a fresh account, that is to say, you're gonna have to create another Facebook account every time you get banned which is a little bit of a daunting prospect, and it doesn't unban your guest account. With this method you'll be able to start new account as a guest which consists only in typing a new username. What's more it doesn't delete any of your actual passwords, and you can later link your guest account to a Facebook account if you wish to, into the bargain. This is really convenient for testing cheats and whatnot because you can throw away your account if you get banned and create a new one easily. However, there is one string attached, and that's the fact that your progress will be inevitably erased every time you get banned. There's no two ways about it, once you get caught cheating your stats will never come back. That being said, lets get started: [Hidden Content]
  11. Do you get banned on the basis of how obvious you cheat? Or is there a system similar to Punkbuster that matches detected cheats to a signature database?
  12. I feel you bro, trust me I know what that sh!t feels like
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