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  1. In those settings the second option is “Root”, you just switch that to “On”.
  2. Okay, here's the apk I used: I uploaded it on Google Drive because I can't remember exactly where I downloaded it from. For people who haven't got an Android phone/tablet, the emulator you need is Nox Emulator, which can be grabbed from here. You just install it and use it as you normally would an Android device. As for how to use Lucky Patcher to bypass beta errors, etc., here's what I did to make it all work: 1. Download and install the apk of the game 2. Open Lucky Patcher, select Harry Potter, then "Menu of Patches", then "Multi-patch" 3. Tick off "Remove License Verification" and hit "Apply" 4. Tick off both "Auto Mode" and "Remove dependencies", then click "Next step" 5. Wait for the patching to be done, then you can launch the game from Lucky Patcher itself, since you're already there 6. Once that's done, the game can go in the background and Game Guardian can be started from its own app You can see how it all should look from these screenshots I took.
  3. I can confirm that it works perfectly using Nox Emulator and a valid .apk (that I got from QooApp, if I remember correctly); however, I wasn't sure on how Lucky Patcher worked, I thought merely installing it or launching the game through it would work, but apparently you need to actually patch the .apk. Just sayin' this for whoever might have problems with messages like the beta not being available, or whatever. It's too bad that there are no easier options for iOS users; if only GameGem worked... Anyway, thanks for sharing! EDIT: I wrote a newer post explaining how to patch the apk using Lucky Patcher and where to download the apk from
  4. I knew most of those sites, but Typing.com was an awesome discovery. I can already type pretty fast but I've been trying to improve lately, so this is perfect for my needs. Thanks!
  5. Bump for this awesome app! Newest version is now 6.2. Maybe something will come out soon for non-jailbroken phones? Thank you!
  6. I followed the guide but the app crashes on launch; it could be because I used the .ipa from the store, but I can't seem to find a cracked version as the app in question is free. Any tips? Yes, I used BetterZip. It's not as simple as using WinRar on Windows, but still: open the archive then rename the .app inside to .ipa (otherwise it won't let you open it), save the changes, browse the .ipa and change what you need in the .plist file; then you simply rename the .ipa to .app and save the changes. An alternative to BetterZip is Springy, but I find that BetterZip works better. Please read what I wrote, see if it helps any.
  7. "Error -1" showing up on iOS 10.1.1 even with "Find my iPhone" off and iTunes restore doesn't work either... It's really frustrating.
  8. As Pro said, the version on Xarold's repo still has it, and it works. I just tested it. Thanks, Pro! On a side note, there are literally hundreds of tweaks on the cracked server... A search function in the future would be pretty nice, I think.
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