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  1. I receive ERROR when loading the game: Refresh Tile prices and or types are not Valid. Make sure they are all the same. It doesn't let me load in.
  2. Free shop and the feed button don’t work for me The gem one works but I had to have the max creature or max abilities switched on for it to work(i don’t remember which one). it’s real strange. Maybe @Rook can provide more insight,
  3. Is that feed button feature broken? When I turn off every other switch and leave that one on, clicking on the creatures freezes the whole app.
  4. Thank you! Getting this error now when I try to load in with the cheats switches on: If I turn them off and load in and then turn them on it works but when I go to load a pet to feed it freezes. Unlimited Energy and max attributes appear to be functioning
  5. I turned on all the switches in menu but energy still drops and the other hacks are not working either
  6. @Rookits not working. turn the switches on but they do not work
  7. When I turn off Asinette option, it makes me use my password of course but if I enter it--it doesn't work. I've tried my actual PW and a specific generated one
  8. I have a paid developer account and I am trying to use sideloadly I keep getting this error: Failed: (7252) There is no 'ios' certificate with serial number 'XXXXXXXXXX' on this team. *where it says XXXXX there is a serial number, i’m not sure if it’s a personal identity number so I put X’s. If you need this number to help me I can provide it! Thank you!
  9. how would I know if I’m banned from this game? I’ve tried on two different phones, signed out of game center, used the modded version and the regular app store version and I can’t get this game to load past “Loading 10/18” It worked for one day
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