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  1. @yellowporkchop here since they removed the store from the game the paid decks randomly pop up for free when u login.
  2. @Rook @DanYal i will be no longer be able to update this hack
  3. @Max-Q i have been doing that but when i make package no luck or i picked wrong class can i share the work with you?
  4. Hi all. i have been trying to hack an online game and i want to make zoom out for better view to see enemies. such as like Agario zoom hack but this one looks hard for me cuz im not that pro cheater with IDA Pro. So here is the function that i need it to be hacked. .il2cpp:0000000102875048 var_18 = -0x18 .il2cpp:0000000102875048 var_10 = -0x10 .il2cpp:0000000102875048 var_s0 = 0 .il2cpp:0000000102875048 .il2cpp:0000000102875048 SUB SP, SP, #0x30 .il2cpp:000000010287504C STP X20, X19, [SP,#0x20+var_10] .il2cpp:0000000102875050 STP X29, X30, [SP,#0x20+var_s0] .il2cpp:0000000102875054 ADD X29, SP, #0x20 .il2cpp:0000000102875058 MOV X19, X0 .il2cpp:000000010287505C ADRP X20, #[email protected] .il2cpp:0000000102875060 LDR X1, [X20,#[email protected]] .il2cpp:0000000102875064 CBNZ X1, loc_10387508C .il2cpp:0000000102875068 ADRP X0, #[email protected] ; "Cam::get_View()" .il2cpp:000000010287506C ADD X0, X0, #[email protected] ; "Cam::get_View()" .il2cpp:0000000102875070 BL sub_101124E8C .il2cpp:0000000102875074 MOV X1, X0 .il2cpp:0000000102875078 CBNZ X0, loc_103875088 .il2cpp:000000010287507C ADRP X0, #[email protected] ; "Cam::get_View()" .il2cpp:0000000102875080 ADD X0, X0, #[email protected] ; "Cam::get_View()" .il2cpp:0000000102875084 STR X1, [SP,#0x20+var_18] .il2cpp:0000000102875088 BL sub_1011216EC .il2cpp:000000010287508C MOV X1, #0 .il2cpp:0000000102875090 BL sub_101120410 .il2cpp:0000000102875094 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .il2cpp:0000000102875094 LDR X1, [SP,#0x20+var_18] .il2cpp:0000000102875098 .il2cpp:0000000102875098 loc_103875088 ; CODE XREF: Cam$$get_View+30↑j .il2cpp:0000000102875098 STR X1, [X20,#[email protected]] .il2cpp:000000010287509C .il2cpp:000000010287509C loc_10387508C ; CODE XREF: Cam$$get_View+1C↑j .il2cpp:000000010287509C MOV X0, X19 .il2cpp:0000000102875100 LDP X29, X30, [SP,#0x20+var_s0] .il2cpp:0000000102875104 LDP X20, X19, [SP,#0x20+var_10] .il2cpp:0000000102875108 ADD SP, SP, #0x30 ; '0' .il2cpp:000000010287510C BR X1 .il2cpp:000000010287510C ; End of function Cam$$get_View this is the right function of camera view all what i want is to make slide switch hack "the slide is to custom the zoom in/out" all what i can do is to zoom-in i couldn't find out how to zoom-out. all what i did is take the offset: 102875048 change to fmov s0, #31 now fmove s0, #10 super zoom-in if we increase the number we go zoom out until fmov s0, #31 the max value but the game original zoom is #29 if change to #31 not a big difference it's like useless. i tried everything i know only (fmove s0, #31) worked, Any possible way/method to zoom out more?
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