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  1. Hi. Can you update Agar.io jailed hack?

  2. It’s working in practise mode, how do we get it to work in public game?
  3. Doesn’t work you can’t find games after applying the patch
  4. So u guys have multiple Agar.io hacks for bigger and smaller zoom values, pls make multiple apps because the zoom goes in when you are bigger on the game. Thank you so much and brilliant work with the app guys keep it up! Also add split zoom please =)
  5. Could u please update it before then? As miniclip are horrible game developers and never update there app, in fact when they update it they normally make it worse ?we waited months for the last update and the game was unplayable before then! ?they really suck bro
  6. awesome thanks bro! ive tested a bit more and 0.06 seems to best overall for the zoom so pls make it that
  7. Hey @Laxus please update the zoom value to 0.06 , 0.08 is too small when you are big in the game ok =), it would be awesome if u could upload 2 or 3 different ipas with different zoom value so we can choose what zoom ? , all u would have to do is leave the current one uploaded and add 2nd download link for bigger zoom
  8. @Laxus hey bro u see this ? Pls answer your a legend man
  9. @Laxus also could u pls add agar.io 2.2.8 or 2.2.10 as they are on smaller servers that don’t lag as much as latest update , allg if u can’t, and pls change the zoom values, put calculatezoom at 0.8 or 0.6 that’s huge zoom and for target radius make it like 1750 or if you don’t use calculatezoom at the same time make it lower cause every time u split it inceaces zoom a lot! Then u can’t even see yourself Pm me and I can help ✌?
  10. Zoom value is way too high , plus change calculatezoom instead of target radius , u can have both which is also fine but just target radius glitches out too far and u can’t see yourself Nice work other then that❤️ Absolutely awesome bro
  11. @Laxus here are some screenshots of my flex 3 patch, it explains very well about the zoom ok https://ibb.co/inz8VA https://ibb.co/maCj3V https://ibb.co/mXNHOV Currently u only have zoom split out with the values way to high so it’s unplayable, when I add the other zoom it equals it out and makes it good, I’ve got all the sizes for different values on it
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