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  1. Hi Dida, I downloaded the new hack for csr 2 but when I open the game, a window opens with this message: "NETWORK ERROR there was a network error. Check iosgods for a status update. " What should I do? I do not understand!! Can you help me!? I also have another problem, with the previous version 2.6.0 of hack, when I opened the application csr2 (with hack) it was very slow in loading the game and many times it stopped, only after several attempts I was able to enter the game, but crash not allowing me to play !! And as if he didn't have the strength to open the game! I have a memory with around 60GB free, so I don't think it's a question of full memory. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the jailbreak, but nothing has changed !! - (( What can I do you can help me !! N.B. i have an iphone 6 plus jailbreak with ios 9.3.3
  2. Ti ringrazio per la risposta, ho c/a 60 Gb liberi!-)) sembra che Applicando il trucco non abbia la forza di far girare il gioco!!
  3. I have an iphone 6 plus jailbreak 9.3.3 when I try to open the game csr2 "rigged" and very slow and crashed without allowing me to play !!! Someone can tell me what I can do, I tried to uninstall the jailbreak and reinstall it, but it seems that it does not have enough memory to be able to open the game !! I hope someone gives me a solution !! Thank you!!-))
  4. Ho un problema con il mio iphone 6 plus jailbreak 9.3.3 quando cerco di aprire il gioco csr2 "truccato" e molto lentoe crasha senza permettermi di giocare!!! Qualcuno sa dirmi cosa posso fare, ho provato a disinstallare il jailbreak e reinstallarlo, ma sembra proprio che non abbia sufficente memoria per riuscire ad aprire il gioco!! Spero che qualcuno mi dia una soluzione!! Grazie!!-))
  5. Hi everyone! -)) someone can give me directions or links to be able to jailbreak my ipad pro with ios 12.2. Thanks for the replies! -))
  6. Thanks guys for the availability and kindness !! -)) Now I try and let you know !! -)) Thanks again!!
  7. Hi everyone, I need help! I have an ipad pro with ios 11.2.5 with Electra jailbreak Unfortunately in cydia I can't update the tweaks and always mistakes !! The games that I usually use as soon as I open them and activate the make-up trick! I can no longer exploit the tricks of the games! What can I do? -Do you know what to do to get rid of the electra jailbreak !? -Could you recommend an alternative jailbreak, which would give me less problems !? Thank you all I hope you can give me some solution !!
  8. I don't understand the meaning of this club! Why create a club and then not even answer the questions they ask you !? I think this thing is very ridiculous !!
  9. Hello! Why do not you answer!?

  10. Hi, I wrote you a message, you can help me out of courtesy! -)) Thanks!

  11. Hi I'd be interested, what can you do? I have some accounts that I'm growing slowly, can you help me? If you have LINE we can communicate in chat, and more convenient and faster !! -)) These are my references to contact me LINE id. thenothingness E-mail [email protected]
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