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  1. I just wanted to say thank you really. You are trying to help everyone and we can see this easily. Thank you again for your great work and your support @Walking Hell
  2. Yeah and i am scared since, i think you are going to tell me: “there is no way”
  3. So how can i get rid of it? By the way, i tried to use only slider without proxy , i got ban
  4. Good to know that, since i have too much ping at evenings whem i use proxy . But what about other hacks? They are detected. After 1 or 2 games i get ban
  5. This proxy works fine with slider only ipa but, when i tried to use dlg and new era hacks, it says data has changed ..... . So it doesnt work for new era and dlg ipa. My device is non jb . @DiDA & @Walking Hell
  6. I have only this certf and tweaked pubg ipa certf . My dns option is on automatic(There are 2 dns and I set it manual and deleted one. But still same problem. I already did trust etc ...
  7. No i did not. just downloaded new certf and applied steps one by one. However, at the end i cant reach websites and iosgods
  8. Yeah i am connected to and 2018 for port. I am also sure that i trusted it . I dont know it was working fine yesterday but after 1338 and 2018 ports it doesnt work for me
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