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Everything posted by shepard7

  1. Changing the password everyday is great if you'll keep it up. It'll help reduce campers or those who don't log out, and therefore making it easier for other players to login. Also here's a tip, many have reported that oftentimes the hack doesn't apply to a character in a party. I found this to be the case as well, if you have a full party size of 5. But if you reduce the party number to 4, the hack has consistently worked for all party members.
  2. I was able to logn with 107. And this is still good, considering it's during the busiest hours (US evenings), and typically I can't login during this time. I don't know if this would be too much trouble, but changing the password daily, may be helpful to get rid of campers. I know whenever you change the password, I can then typically login easily for about 24 hours after this change.
  3. Appreciate all your doing. I know others have said, and myself included, that we only purchased VIP solely due to this proxy hack. If this hack is removed, I'll have no reason to continue being a VIP, and will cancel my membership. Therefore, to whoever owns this site, I hope they give you some income generated from these paid memberships, to help alleviate and compensate for this new server. And this server by way does seem to work great, I typically can never login during busy hours (evenings in the US), but was able to login fine tonight.
  4. It's working for me, but I will say this, during the evenings in the US, I believe there are more playing during this time, and typically I can never log in. So wanted to make a suggestion DiDA, at about 6 EST daily, to possibly restart the servers. This will help remove players who may have forgotten to log out, and therefore making it easier for legit players to log in during these busiest hours. I also noticed it's hard to consistently log in around 4am to 6am EST. I'm guessing it's because you're asleep and can't restart the servers? If so, maybe also restart the server right before you go to bed, to again help remove inactive players who may have forgotten to logout. Regardless still thankful for your work, and this hack, makes everything 100 times easier
  5. Something unusual with Locke, the hack doesn't seem to apply to him. The enemies will still hit him for full or normal damage. When this occurred all other party members were still hitting at 9999, so the hack was working. I also noticed with both Vanille and Locke, that even with the hack, they still have to wait for their bars to fill up like normal before they can attack. This doesn't occur with other party members when the hack is activated. In case this may be a factor, Locke and Vanille are also the two most recently added characters. Update Did a bit more testing, and found even with the hack activated, Locke will still hit for normal damage. Again when this occured, all other party members were hitting at 9999.
  6. lol To prevent this abuse, is it possible to control what sites the proxy server can access?
  7. Dida wanted to make a suggestion. Maybe once people login and connect to the proxy servers, automatically disconnect them after 2 hours straight. 2 hours will be more than enough time for them to use their stamina, an importantly will keep people from unnecessarily staying logged in.
  8. I just logged in about a minute ago on 92. I did have issues with my phone, but using the Ipad works for me.
  9. In case this makes a difference, curious what's your IOS version on the Ipad? Mine is version 8.3 (12F69) I connected fine to the proxy and played about 30 minutes ago.
  10. Yea I had the same issue. I couldn't connect with my iphone 6, but it worked great with my Ipad. Personally though, I don't mind, I prefer playing on the Ipad. Also Dida, I hope you regularly change the password, maybe once a week. It'll again help to eliminate users who shouldn't be using it, and will therefore make it easier for legit vip players to connect. Since you've changed the password, I haven't had any issues connecting with my Ipad, so thanks again!
  11. About the servers, I tried the 167... for both, and it worked fine for the ipad. About the IOS versions it's actually slightly different, I'll mention this just in case this may be a factor. For the Ipad it's version 8.3 (12F69) For the phone it's version 8.3 (12F70) It was working fine for the phone as well in the past. About the connection time, I'm giving it more time to connect than in the past, but it's still stuck in loading. Regardless I'm still happy I can connect with my Ipad, and very pleased with what you're doing and the quick responses.
  12. Works great! For those not able to connect, here's anothe possible issue. I wasn't able to connect on my iphone 6, but was able to connect fine with my ipad. And both IOS versions are up to date.
  13. I'm currently having trouble connecting to the authentication server as well. It was working fine in the past. So I figure there's an issue, of perhaps too many being connected. So to reduce the number of people, and to help ensure: 1) It's not merely people who are still connected to the proxy, and aren't actually playing the game 2) to help make sure it's not people without vip access, since maybe they received the pass from a vip member and 3) to make sure the player still have vip access. By this I mean, maybe their vip membership has expired, but they still have info about the server, pass, etc. They could still have access if the server / username / pass is the same. Therefore if you regularly change the authentication username / pass, this could help reduce the 3 scenarios above, and will help ensure only current vip members, whose memberships haven't expired, an are actually playing game, are connected.
  14. @@DiDA Just a suggestion than, maybe this could help, regularly change the username / pass authentication, to help prevent this?
  15.   Besides checking to see who's connected to your wifi router, how do you know if there's a hacker jamming your connection? Thanks
  16. Think the old server just went right down again (stuck on loading). It worked briefly.
  17. Wanted to confirm this method works out great for the presidential boss on both elite and classic. You'll still hit for 9999, but it no longer 1 hit kills it, and you can easily champion not only the level, but also the round.
  18. Unless I'm mistaken, for the presidential train (or any boss level), you can use the proxy hack up until the boss. Than quit the game during the boss fight, and disconnect from the proxy. And than restart the game, this way you can meet the target conditions, and champion the level. ---Update--- The above method works great. When you quit the game and restart, of course make sure to select continue to start at the boss. When you do what's amazing is that you'll also continue to hit for 9999, but you won't 1 hit kill it. Also I hope you do maintain the 1 hit kill, since if it's removed, we now become weaker for all other dungeons. So weighing the pros and cons, it's far better to keep it, especially since it's rare where this hack can prevent us from championing a level. Plus with the hack it's easier to level a team to 50, especially now during the sunday exp heroic dungeon, and then with a max team, you can easily play a boss legitimately if neccessary to meet the target conditions.
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