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  1. You install it from repo if it doesn’t show you need to install applist then it will show in tweaks and can select the games it loads into if searching lower numbers on big games it will shut your app down I only can imagine this is due to availability of memory but it does work and it works well befor I realised about applist I used the deb on iOS gods and installed and then uninstalled in cydia witch installed applist on the uninstall making the updated version work next time installed untill I figured just may as well download applist if it doesn’t install with it and 100% shows every time
  2. @MsInsomniau can move your game back and forth from pc this way don’t no if that helps but it does work doesn’t have to be for save game
  3. @DiDA have you got any links to tools for jailbreak game editors e.g that dlg thing edited files from filza anything really will be mostly offline games so severs shouldn’t be a problem and tutorial to get started and look into on here. Also I was considering buying membership tonight while have the money at the current state with the .deb files and the new substrate would it be worth it right this minute sorry for hijacking a thread but kinda the same questions
  4. You can but you’d be very limited in what you can do I did this for final fantasy tactics but after I got my game save lucky enough there was a old save editor that worked so I used that and restored my backup however without having the game open on pc aswell witch you carnt editing values with cheat engine or what ever you want to do would tedious and a lot of back and forth to see if you did it correctly I’d definitely consider Jailbreaking how to do it jail broken I haven’t a clue I’m trying to find a cheat engine myself but my first jailbreak so I’m still cautious of over doing stuff as the 12 jb isnt 100% compatible with everything but like I said I don’t no much in this department
  5. Sorry for the stupid question but when I install a mod menu do I need the original app I can see it in installed in Cydia I kinda expected the app to show like non jailbreak apps new
  6. @ChristianR710I had this problem aswell I deleted and redownloaded and still didn’t work but I got there in the end delete it and download the App Store version then do the intro duel get to the city and top left on your screen is Ingame settings click it and generate a Konami I’d for data transfer email required for verification then delete and download iOSGods version and just hit data transfer log in and you will be fine only figured it out yesterday myself been working great
  7. this is by far the best App Store available great work and thanks 🙏
  8. @Laxus firstly I’d like to thank you for making this easy install. However it installs or at least the white circle will fill and then it will stay gray unopenable and no option for certificate. iPhone SE iOS 12.1 if that could help duno if when I couldn’t install it on impacter I need to revoke that cert or something simple if you have any ideas get back to me when you have time thank you. if it doesn’t work after that it seems that this game will not allow me to cheat and I may aswell accept it And give up on this
  9. Hi can this be done on iOS 12.1 and instead of using it to save game download could I edit the save file e.g final fantasy tactics (offline game) like you would on a pc game or Xbox 360 Usb modding obviously the methods would differ slightly? Just simple change of job points and gil(money) providing it can be opened and read to change suppose thinking about it was HorIzon and premade save editors for 360 and pc is pretty straight forward to mod games may it be change if files or editing scripts @DiDA
  10. @Laxus thank you I did update and reinstall impacter and redownloaded ipa a few times but still same error line 108
  11. Any ideas please? I tryed with another app and had more success but it was incompatible with my phone I’ll try another when I turn the laptop on. Would leave it but it’s the only game I’m interested in and money would be great got it off NOT ALLOWED!er but no cheat and been revoked a few times so had to restart
  12. Would it be possible to use easy install I tryed Cydia impacter had to update it been awhile Since last used and get an error when trying to install. file: calendar.ccp; line 108; what: _assert(gmtime_r(&seconds, &tm) = = &tm)
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