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  1. @DiDA hey it is in version 1.28.0 now in appstore dont no if i need to make a new hack request to ask for update. so if you see this possibly update when you get the time please and thank you for your work
  2. Hello I was wandering if there’s another way to download japan store apps, other then making a japan account and switching regions. I see some japan apps inside the gods app so I know they can be played although I also understand that I’m order to update them id have to switch back to japan account. so if I carnt do it myself would this be a valid “request hack” topic even tho just requesting the game. Also the game that I would be requesting is final fantasy brave exvius witch is updated a fair so really just want to know if it’s worth bothering and more trouble then it’s worth?
  3. @Joka is it possible to remove speed from the custom stats it breaks movements just 360s on the spot or even enter the value to find a balance slider doesn’t go low enough great hack though appreciated
  4. Carnt download file just goes to main link without extension is there another link please
  5. iPhone se downloaded deb and opened in filza app doesn’t load
  6. I installed the menu and the game just stays black won’t load I can uninstall and it works tryed uninstall the game aswell and reinstalled it tryed another menu an it’s fine just this one carnt use igamegaurdian ethier because I get a warning message and it shuts down
  7. Hello I’ve just brought igamegaurdian and vip here because the people who make the mass of stuff here deserve it although I generally don’t want anything i have a iphone se 12.1 uncover b46 i was using dlg however because it loads into games it will shut down big games on my iPhone like FF15 PE and civ6 (local Iap store for full version) because it carnt handle it so I brought igamegaurdian takes me back to pc cheat engine days I successfully found and made 999 hp on FF15 locked value so can’t die values that change are easy enough some I do not find tho 1.i would if somebody could help or point me in the right direction to learn like to be able to change static values like attack on a weapon or even hex edit a item into item list FF15 , Monster Hunter stories games with inventory’s if possible 2. Civ 6 I have not been able to edit even the simple thing like gold on this can somebody only using exact haven’t played with fuzzy nor understand it or looked into it, can somebody check if they can find a result please 3. After understanding 1 a bit more with what I have I’d like to try and contribute my hacks and save them however like some games I used cheat engine for years and years ago saving a cheat table can be pointless closing and opening an app changes the offsets is there a way I to hook them it’s been so long I’ve used things like this trainers took over do it yourself and it’s like learning again it’s there I’m just carnt remember thanks for reading hopefully can get some insight
  8. You install it from repo if it doesn’t show you need to install applist then it will show in tweaks and can select the games it loads into if searching lower numbers on big games it will shut your app down I only can imagine this is due to availability of memory but it does work and it works well befor I realised about applist I used the deb on iOS gods and installed and then uninstalled in cydia witch installed applist on the uninstall making the updated version work next time installed untill I figured just may as well download applist if it doesn’t install with it and 100% shows every time
  9. @MsInsomniau can move your game back and forth from pc this way don’t no if that helps but it does work doesn’t have to be for save game
  10. @DiDA have you got any links to tools for jailbreak game editors e.g that dlg thing edited files from filza anything really will be mostly offline games so severs shouldn’t be a problem and tutorial to get started and look into on here. Also I was considering buying membership tonight while have the money at the current state with the .deb files and the new substrate would it be worth it right this minute sorry for hijacking a thread but kinda the same questions
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