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  1. Ok so step by step, find the opponents exact health (search for original, shoot him once fuzzy for less) it'll be a value that is repeated, find the opponents health and single it out (search for it so the rest of the results are gone) i.e. Opponent has 637 health starting, you shoot him it's 521.38246 (write this number down exactly) once you have his exact health just write it in either calculator or on a piece of paper. Shoot them, subtract the new health after you hit them again from the number you had just wrote down/put into a calculator. I.e. Shoot him one more time, his health drops to 404.83926, so then you subtract it from the original. I.e. 521.38246-404.83926=your true damage. Once you have that "true damage" you can then search for it exactly in IGG at the beginning of each battle (turn float in the More section of IGG to a small number such as .001 to reduce # of results) this way it's one step at the beginning of each fight rather then having to shoot the opponent and search for his health each time. Note: your true damage will stay the same until you start changing parts, so keep in mind you'll have to find it again if you upgrade weapon. Hope this helped!! Let me know if you're still struggling
  2. Yes but if you're killing everyone in one shot then you don't really need it yet, the 280 atk doesn't necessarily line up with the damage you output, just keep progressing In the game until you can get multiple hits to find your exact damage
  3. View the above but yes you're on the right path. One more thing after the first hit write down the 950.xxx number as you have no way of knowing what decimal places his health may of originally been. Then wait for another hit and subtract the 900.xxx from the 950.xxx that way you'll get the exact damage value
  4. Yes, once you get fifty you'll want to simply search for that value, it's very helpful to have some type of % modifier to your damage (can be obtained from bets) as you will then get a number with a fair amount of decimals (i.e. Your damage could be 56.37225) in which case you'd type 3-4 decimal places deep and change your float to .01 or less. If done correctly you will only get 1-6 results which you can then batch (it changes them all at once)
  5. Yes but you'll want to try and get a decimal too then change your float to something smaller. For example mine is 112.31004 (will be decimals if you use equip that has a % increased) then I change my float to .1 and search for an F32 112.31 typically giving me 3-4 results
  6. All values which were of any importance (I've found) have been F32
  7. Once you find your opponents health write it down, go back and hit him, and then a subtract the difference. Using a rocket is easiest.
  8. Just like you would with a single battle but repeat it for each individual fight, however figuring out and changing your damage can give you a constant value and quicken the process (step 4)
  9. Float tolerance is a setting in GameGaurdian located in the More section, by default it's usually 1 but if you changed it to 0 for exact searches then searching for values for this game may be unsuccessful
  10. Game: CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Version: 2.0 App Link:https://appsto.re/us/cetcib.i Features: One hit kill, Increase Damage Requirements: IGameGaurdian or similar Instructions: [Hidden Content] Notes: This is fairly rustic if anyone wants to try and automate the process please feel free to and just post a link on this one. Also for tournaments you have to repeat on each battle Use step 4 to make it a little quicker!! Not Working? Make sure your Float Tolerance is at least 1.00, as the displayed values are rounded Note: Can also be used for bets just follow the same steps when watching the bet (can allow you to gaurantee a win)
  11. Consistently editing oponents health and damage lark Darknsin had gotten while stress testing gonna make an upload soon
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