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  1. Hello, Please message me with your UDID and email and a screenshot if possible so we can look into this for you.
  2. Hello, Yes, it is. Both should be. Are you experiencing any issues with the normal one?
  3. Hello, iOSGods App+ & iOSGods ViP are separate subscriptions. With App+ you get certain features only the App+ can offer, but you need ViP for the ViP apps. Please read our "iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions & Answers" topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/100620-iosgods-app-frequently-asked-questions-answers/
  4. Hello, Which app specifically and what is your iOS version? - Just noticed you mentioned it started working.
  5. Hello, Apologies for my late reply. If you have recently purchased the iOSGods App+, it may take a few hours for us to process your order. When the processing is done, we immediately send you an email to the email address you used when purchasing. If you have not received an email, please make sure the email address you entered is correct and check your spam/junk folders. Alternatively, you can visit https://install.iosgods.com/ using the registered iDevice to install the iOSGods App+. For more information and a video example, please read our iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions. Kind regards, RooKiG
  6. :bboy:what do you think? CoD? https://streamable.com/bv6qqk

    1. RooKiG


      You sir need to get some sleep!

      Good job though! (Y)

    2. xeonleafs


      They all look like popsicles..lol...great work :)

    3. AngelX88


      Nice , great work 🙂

  7. Information This request or parts of this request have been filled. Please use the search bar on iOSGods.com to find the topic(s) or try searching on the iOSGods App.
  8. Hello, Apologies for my late reply. Apple has revoked some of our iOSGods App+ members and we are currently working on getting the app and all the apps working again. Please keep an eye on the email address you used when purchasing the iOSGods App+ as we will send you an email when it is ready. For more information, please read our iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions.
  9. Hello, Apologies for my late reply. Apple has revoked our current certificate(s) and we are working on getting a new one so we can re-sign and get all the apps working again. Please try visiting the iOSGods App & downloading your apps at a later time once they have been re-signed by us. Until the normal install method is fixed, you can install your favorite apps right now using: Cydia Impactor IPA Download option Purchasing & using the iOSGods App+ Using an Apple Developer Account For more information, please read our iOSGods App FAQ topic.
  10. Hello, Please wait a bit longer. You have likely not bee activated yet. Wait a bit longer for the activation email to arrive.
  11. hello how to subscribe iosgods app + without using paypal , can i pay by card and how to

    1. Hemn mahmood

      Hemn mahmood

      I had the same question, but no one answered before, even Dadi 

  12. Hey, Sounds like your download is getting corrupted or something similar. Try a different network to see if that fixes your issue.
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