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[ARM64] PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Cheats (All Versions) +3
Modded/Hacked App: PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator by Outerminds Inc.
Bundle ID: com.outerminds.tubular
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pewdiepies-tuber-simulator/id1093190533?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Subscriber
- Infinite Views
- Infinite Bux

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/86366-arm64-pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-cheats-v1310-3/
  • 89 replies

[ARM64] Lily's Garden Cheats (All Versions) +5
Modded/Hacked App: Lily's Garden by Tactile Games ApS
Bundle ID: dk.tactile.lilysgarden
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lilys-garden/id1437783446?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Moves
- Infinite Lives
- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Stars
- Infinite Boosters (Displayed at 0 but can be used)

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/90985-arm64-lilys-garden-cheats-v141-5/

#Hack #Jailbreak #Cydia #Cheat #Apple #Android #iOSGods
  • 5 replies

[ARM64] Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats v6.5.0 +5
Modded/Hacked App: Hungry Shark Evolution By Ubisoft
Bundle ID: com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hungry-shark-evolution/id535500008?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coin
- Infinite Gems
- God Mode
- Infinite Boost
- Always Gold Rush Mode

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/73883-arm64-hungry-shark-evolution-cheats-v620-5/
  • 81 replies

[ARM64] Go Fish! Cheats (All Versions) +2
Modded/Hacked App: Go Fish! by Kwalee Ltd
Bundle ID: com.kwalee.gofish
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/go-fish/id1398987473?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coin
- ViP Membership

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/83429-arm64-go-fish-cheats-v1111-2/
  • 7 replies

[ARM64] Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game v5.3 Jailed Cheats +2
Modded/Hacked App: Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game by Avant Grade Technologies Pte Ltd
Bundle ID: com.nukeboxstudios.foodtruckchefcookinggame
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/food-truck-chef-cooking-game/id1250825794?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coins (Spend some/ Get some)
- Infinite Gems (Spend some/ Get some)

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/73618-arm64-food-truck-chef-cooking-game-v50-jailed-cheats-2/
  • 63 replies

[ARM64] Flood: Upgrade Raft to Boat Cheats v2.2 +1
Modded/Hacked App: Flood: Upgrade Raft to Boat By Oleg Kapitonov
Bundle ID: mobi.blackbears.ios.flood
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/flood-dive-into-the-ocean/id1410847565?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Gems

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/80245-arm64-flood-dive-into-the-ocean-cheats-v10-1/
  • 26 replies

[ARM64] Empire Warriors: Tower Defense Cheats v1.7.5 +7
Modded/Hacked App: Empire Warriors: Tower Defense By Pitado Viet Nam JSC
Bundle ID: com.zitga.empire.warriors.td
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/empire-warriors-td/id1329443393?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coin (Buy/ Sell Tower)
- Infinite Currencies
- God Mode for Hero
- God Mode for You

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/81866-arm64-empire-warriors-td-cheats-v157-6/

#Hack #Jailbreak #Cydia #Cheat #Apple #Android #iOSGods
  • 89 replies

[ARM64] Cooking Dash v2.18.2 Jailed Cheats +3
Modded/Hacked App: Cooking Dash™ By Glu Games Inc
Bundle ID: com.playfirst.cookingdashx
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cooking-dash/id978866413?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Golds
- Infinite Energy

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/71682-arm64-cooking-dash-v2114-jailed-cheats-3/

- @Laxus
  • 127 replies

[ARM64] Bitcoin Billionaire Cheats (All Versions) +2
Modded/Hacked App: Bitcoin Billionaire by Noodlecake Studios Inc
Bundle ID: com.noodlecake.bitcoin
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bitcoin-billionaire/id911117141?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Bitcoin
- Infinite Gems

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/82896-arm64-bitcoin-billionaire-cheats-v460-2/

#Hack #Jailbreak #Cydia #Cheat #Apple #Android #iOSGods
  • 34 replies

[ARM64] Bouncemasters! Cheats v1.3.4 +4
Modded/Hacked App: Bouncemasters! By Playgendary GmbH
Bundle ID: com.playgendary.sportmasters
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bouncemasters/id1340929016?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coins (Spend some/ Get some)
- Infinite Gems (Spend some/ Get some)
- No Ads
- Premium

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/81269-arm64-bouncemasters-cheats-v131-4/
  • 25 replies

[ARM64] Backflipper Cheats (All Versions) +1
Modded/Hacked App: Backflipper by MotionVolt Games Oy
Bundle ID: com.motionvolt.backflipper
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/backflipper/id1435594717?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Free Store

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/89620-arm64-backflipper-cheats-v134-1/
  • 5 replies

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links v3.4.0 [ Auto-Play & More ]
Modded/Hacked App: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links By KONAMI
Bundle ID: jp.konami.yugiohmobile
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yu-gi-oh-duel-links/id1068378177?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- Auto-Play - Don't Work In PVP 
-- Always The Best Tactics
- Face Up Card
-- Enemies Hand Card Show
- Show Monster And Status
-- Enemies Deck Card Shows
  • 150 replies

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG v1.73.2 [ Custom Sell Value & More ]
Modded/Hacked App: Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG By BIT.GAMES PBL
Bundle ID: com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guild-of-heroes-fantasy-rpg/id979474617?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- Sell Value - Put Your Value And Tap On Sell Value - Ban Risk: High
- AutoPlay Unlock  -> Patched
- Free Potion Make
- Free Slot Expand
- No Skills Cd
- Free Revive
  • 190 replies

Soccer Spirits v1.37.3 [ x10 Player Attack & More ]
Modded/Hacked App: Soccer Spirits By Com2uS Corp.
Bundle ID: com.com2us.soccerspirits.normal.freefull.apple.global.ios.universal
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/soccer-spirits/id808137814?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- x10 Player Attack
- x10 Player HP
- x20 Player Attack
- x20 Player HP
- /10 Enemy Attack
- /10 Enemy HP
- /20 Enemy Attack
- /20 Enemy HP
  • 50 replies

Crystal Hearts World v1.10 Cheat [OHK + God Mode]
Crystal Hearts World v1.9 Cheat [OHK + God Mode]

Crystal Hearts World By EVATAR CO., LTD. v1.9<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">com.baplay.chsea<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">Requires: iOS 8.0 or later.<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">Price: Free<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">Updated: 2019-03-10T06:05:32Z<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">iTunes URL: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/crystal-hearts-world/id1415652915?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- God Mode
  • 36 replies

FINAL BLADE v1.5.0 [ x5 Attack & HP ]
Modded/Hacked App: FINAL BLADE By SkyPeople
Bundle ID: com.skypeople.finalbladegb
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/final-blade/id1440448430?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- x10 Attack
- x10 HP
- x20 Attack
- x20 HP
- x100 Attack
- x100 HP
  • 162 replies

Alita: Battle Angel – The Game v1.1.60 [ Freeze Enemies & More ]
Modded/Hacked App: Alita: Battle Angel – The Game By Allstar Games
Bundle ID: com.koramgame.global.alita
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alita-battle-angel-the-game/id1445838601?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Mod Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- Freeze Enemies
- Weak Enemies - Enemies Have Low HP , DEF & ATK
- No Skills CoolDown 

This hack is an In-Game Mod Menu (iGMM). In order to activate the Mod Menu, tap on the iOSGods button found inside the app. This hack works on the latest x64 or ARM64 iDevices: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, SE, iPod Touch 6G, iPad Air, Air 2, Pro & iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and later.

Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): 

Hack Download Link:

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Download Hack

Installation Instructions:
STEP 1: Download the .deb Cydia hack file from the link above.
STEP 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice.
STEP 3: Using iFile or Filza, browse to where you saved the downloaded .deb file and tap on it.
STEP 4: Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on 'Installer' or 'Install' from the options on your screen.
STEP 5: Let iFile / Filza finish the cheat installation. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below.
STEP 6: Now open your iDevice settings and scroll down until you see the settings for this cheat and tap on it. If the hack is a Mod Menu, the cheat features can be toggled in-game.
STEP 7: Turn on the features you want and play the game. You may need to follow further instructions inside the hack's popup in-game.


NOTE: If you have any questions or problems, read our Troubleshooting topic & Frequently Asked Questions topic. If you still haven't found a solution, post your issue down below and we'll do our best to help! If the hack does work for you, post your feedback below and help out other fellow members that are encountering issues.

- DanYal

Cheat Video/Screenshots:

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[ARM64] Duolingo v6.9.0 Jailed Mod +2
Modded/Hacked App: Duolingo By Duolingo
Bundle ID: com.duolingo.DuolingoMobile
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duolingo/id570060128?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Learn Offline
- Never Lose (You can fail the answer as many times as you want)

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/78624-arm64-duolingo-v5248-jailed-mod-2/

- @Laxus
  • 143 replies

[ARM64] Smule Sing! v7.5.7 Jailed Mod +1
Modded/Hacked App: Smule - The #1 Singing App By Smule
Bundle ID: com.smule.sing
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smule-the-1-singing-app/id509993510?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/80348-arm64-smule-sing-v725-jailed-mod-1/
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  • 462 replies

[ARM64] The Sims FreePlay Cheats v5.44.0 +4 [iOSGods Exclusive]
Modded/Hacked App: The Sims™ FreePlay By Electronic Arts
Bundle ID: com.ea.sims3deluxe.ipad.inc
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-sims-freeplay/id466965151?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Simcash
- Infinite SP
- Infinite LSP
- Max ViP Point

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/72103-arm64-the-sims-freeplay-cheats-v5414-4-iosgods-exclusive/
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  • 498 replies

[ARM64] Tanks A Lot - 3v3 Brawls v1.60 Jailed Cheats +3
Modded/Hacked App: Tanks A Lot - 3v3 Brawls by BoomBit, Inc.
Bundle ID: com.boombitgames.TanksALot
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tanks-a-lot-3v3-brawls/id1344713773?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Ammo
- No Reload
- No Damage from Fog
- Shoot Through Wall

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/77155-arm64-tanks-a-lot-3v3-brawls-v143-jailed-cheats-3/
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  • 295 replies

[ARM64] RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch Cheats v2.8 +5
Modded/Hacked App: RollerCoaster Tycoon® Touch™ By Atari
Bundle ID: com.atari.mobile.rctempire
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rollercoaster-tycoon-touch/id1164507836?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Coins
- Infinite Tickets
- Instant Max Level (Complete some task - Only use when you finished Tutorial and get to Level 8 at least)
- VIP Member
- Card only need 1 to be upgraded

Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/79-no-jailbreak-section/
Modded Android APK(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/68-android-section/
For more fun, check out the Club(s): https://iosgods.com/clubs/
  • 301 replies

[ARM64] Toca Life: World v1.5 Jailed Cheats +1
Modded/Hacked App: Toca Life: World By Toca Boca AB
Bundle ID: com.tocaboca.tocalifeworld
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/toca-life-world/id1208138685?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Everything Purchased

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/79743-arm64-toca-life-world-v104-jailed-cheats-1/
  • 48 replies

[ARM64] Flaming Core Cheats v1.2.8 +2
Modded/Hacked App: Flaming Core by HABBY PTE. LTD.
Bundle ID: com.flaming.core
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flaming-core/id1273108688?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- Infinite Gems
- Infinite Energy

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/91068-arm64-flaming-core-cheats-v127-2/

#Hack #Jailbreak #Cydia #Cheat #Apple #Android #iOSGods
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[ARM64] Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game Cheats v2.14.0 +1
Modded/Hacked App: Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game By Dirtybit
Bundle ID: com.dirtybit.fra
iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fun-run-3-arena-running-game/id1118878857?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4

Hack Features:
- God Mode

Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/75790-arm64-fun-run-3-arena-running-game-cheats-v210-1/
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