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  2. Banned

    Do you use the hack in Clan Regional Defense but only God Mode?
  3. Hiya! The game finally did it where I need to participate in guild things in order to advance in story and so now I am currently looking for a fun guild to join! I don't really know what I need to be in order to join a guild, but my account level is 33 with a lot of Nat 5 monsters. If any one is recruiting msg me! I look forward to playing with anyone
  4. for me it doesn't crash most of the time when opening the app but sometimes but the can always crashes when I enter region defense i'm on ios 10.0.1 iphone 5s.
  5. Banned

    also if you are in a clan conflict, that is another way of getting easily banned
  6. There's always a possibility that you'll get banned when hacking, no matter the game.
  7. A way to remove the ads is to become ViP, but the issues you're having need to be fixed. And I'm unsure how since I cannot reproduce.
  8. Every update I would uninstalled the old hack and then run CCleaner. Then I download the new hack and install it. It is only this time where I would experience ads. Yes, the IGMM does show up for me.
  9. That's not normal, make sure you don't have any old hacks installed or any conflicting tweaks. Does the iGMM come up?
  10. I'm running the hack on my iPad Mini 2, currently on ios 10.0.2 and the ads are causing me to crash a lot, especially during the titans and clan vs clan even if I'm not using the hack on it. There's this one ad (I'll post the picture below) where even if I click on the "x" on the top right corner, it would not close. I would have to click on the "GET" button, which then takes me to the app store and then switch back over to MSL. Is there any way to remove the ads? Please help @DiDA
  11. I get black screen and crash after 5s open game, ios 8.1 iphone5. Can u helpe boss @DiDA
  12. Causing your device or the app?
  13. Currently using iPhone 6 running ios 10.0.2. I downloaded the hack and extracted with Filza. Opened MSL and it prompt me to the iosgod sign in page, which I did and then a random video ad pops up. This is the first time it has happened and I think it is causing me to crash a lot.
  14. Please be more specific on the issue you are having. Let us know which iDevice you're using, which iOS version you're on and the exact steps you took to install the hack. The more information you give us the more we'll be able to help you. :)
  15. I'm not sure why there's ad with the new hack update, but it is causing my game to crash more than often. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  16. Banned

    I heard that you can also get ban if you clear all 70 levels of tower of chaos with low level monsters and on top 100 leader board. Do you mind telling me what level were you when you got banned and how far did you get up to in arenas before you got banned?
  17. Banned

    I was banned, but I think that I participated in the arena, someone know any more spot can get banned?
  18. Hacking and Detection

    How do you know if you have been banned from the game? The game will not load and you will not see start button?
  19. Hacking and Detection

    games hackers to collapse ios8 32x
  20. Hacking and Detection

    It just works fine, no crashes. Don't know what's wrong with yours.
  21. Hacking and Detection

    Hacker: why don't you work The game is flash back
  22. Hacking and Detection

    How did you made your hack work? Mine crashes.
  23. Hacking and Detection

    OMG, something huge bad has happened. I just joined a clan and was doing clan battle. I always turn off the hack. But just tday i was multitasking and doing two things at a time and didn't see the hack was on. Suddenly the monster died in 1 battle. I feel so bad and so afraid it will get banned from the game :(. Did someone has same experience? Will i get banned? Does it do any good to back up game data and install game again to play later on? Please help me...

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