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About This Club

A Club for the Jurassic Survival players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Seems like devs abondoned it already. And there’s ads of LDOE on the game. Something’s fishy.
  3. The energy was is never full in this game. Maybe you are confusing with grim soul which initially had unlimited energy and hence no events were being shown. Now it doesn’t anymore. Energy decreases when you travel. So events will show up for both Jurassic Survival and Grim Soul.
  4. energy even without the infinitely frozen continuous mod. How can I remove this? I already reinstalled the app and it still did not work! because with the energy always full the events do not appear!
  5. This topic was moved from Discussions to Help & Support.
  6. JURASSIC SURVIVAL NON-CRAFTABLE ITEMS UPDATED TILL v1.1.20 IF THESE ITEMS ARE CRAFTED AND YOU LEAVE THE GAME THAT WILL RESULT IN PROGRESS LOSE AND WILL REQUIRE YOU EITHER REINSTALLING / OR MAKING A NEW GAME CENTER TO SAVE PROGRESS AGAIN! DO NOT CRAFT Level 27 - Refining Table (Chrome Bar)Level 30 - Saddle for Ankylosaurus (Steel Baar)Level 30 - Gunsmith Bench (Teak Plank and Steel Bar)Level 33 - Bear Trap (Steel bar)Level 35 - Home Brewery (Steel Bar and Teak Plank)Level 37 - Beretta 92 (Steel Bar and Weapon Parts)Level 37 - Trunk (Steel Bar and Teak Plank)Level 43 - Saddle for Tyrannosaurus (Nickel Bar)Level 43 - Hand Pump (Nickel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 45 - Archives (Nickel Bar)Level 45 - Wiring (Nickel Bar)Level 47 - Dinosaur Bridle (Nickel Bar)Level 47 - Uzi (Steel Bar and Weapon Parts)Level 53 - Hunters Backpack (Steel Bar)Level 53 - UMP 45 (Steel Bar and Weapon Parts)Level 55 - Chemistry Station (Nickel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 55 - Explosive Material (Gunpowder and Sulfur)Level 55 - Desert Eagle (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 57 - Shotgun (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar, Steel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 57 - Truck (Nickel Bar, Ebony Plank, Hi-Tech Components)Level 60 - Hunter's Body Armor (Nickel Bar)Level 60 - Hunter's Trousers (Nickel Bar)Level 60 - Hunter's Boots (Nickel Bar)Level 65 - Hunter's Helmet (Nickel Bar)Level 65 - P90 (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Steel Bar)Level 65 - Thompson Submachine Gun (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 70 - Reinforced Hunter's Body Armor (Nickel Bar)Level 70 - Reinforced Hunter's Trousers (Nickel Bar)Level 70 - Reinforced Hunter's Boots (Nickel Bar)Level 75 - Reinforced Hunter's Helmet (Nickel Bar)Level 75 - Reinforced Backpack (Nickel Bar)Level 80 - Electronic Lab (Chrome Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 80 - Electronic Circuit (Chrome Bar and Hi-Tech Components)Level 80 - Karabiner 98 (Weapon Parts, Nickel Bar, Steel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 85 - Pterodactyl Paddock (Chrome Bar, Nickel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 85 - Magnum (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 85 - Benelli M4 (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Steel Bar)Level 90 - Vector (Weapon Parts, Nickel Bar and Chrome Bar)Level 90 - Steyr Aug (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 90 - AWP (Weapon Parts, Nickel Bar and Ebony Plank)Level 95 - Scar L (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Nickel Bar)Level 95 - Machine Gun (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Nickel Bar)Level 95 - Ak 74 (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Nickel Bar)Level 99 - M416 (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar and Nickel Bar)Level 99 - Bomb (Chrome Bar, Electronic Circuits, Hi-Tech Components and Explosive Material)Level 99 - Barett M82 (Weapon Parts, Chrome Bar, Nickel Bar and Ebony Plank) PS: Some of these items like the guns can be found from crates. That doesn't mean you should craft them on your own. It's risky. Please notify if any changes need to be done to this list. I will try to update this thread gradually as newer version of the game is updated.
  7. Was the game just update, I’ve got 1H kill from enermy side, moreover is it possible to add high damage weapon for Jailed version? thanks for the cheat really enjoy it
  8. Yes actually, The dino coins in the app doent go up it still goes down for me. I dont know if this is pandas fault but i just wanted to let you know my problem also IAP
  9. Where ? The One which Is Uploaded by Zahirsher ? Can u quote the link ? To the one u r mentioning .
  10. by the way localiapstore works on it , if anyone wants free store Tested on iphone5 h3lix

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