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Welcome to the SWGOH Club!! Here we can share tips and strategies for the best teams and upcoming in-game events to watch out and prepare for!
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  2. I'm now selling my SWGOH account if anyone is interested in getting a high level GP account to mod with? It's 10.7M GP, 15DSR score, 80+ 25+ Speed mods. Hacks never used for this account. IOS - looking for quick sale and reasonable offers.
  3. Any current guild with members using the mod? PM me
  4. Can I join the guild too please? Or, if this one is full, any other active guilds around?
  5. If your not careful yes, in things like arena, tournament, and guilds. If you would like to join the personal guild please message me on here and search FEAREDGODS in the guild area in game.
  6. Hey everybody, Im happy to announce that I have made a brand new guild for all of us. The guild is called FEAREDGODS. if you would like to join please reply to this topic, or pm me your username, and I will add you ASAP. So excited to see you guys here. We'll be the best out there.
  7. Hey everybody, I was recently made the owner of this club, planning on being an active member since our other owners aren't, As soon as the hack updates I will be making a guild for us so you guys can do guild stuff without having to worry about being banned. Ill post a topic on this very soon, please be tuned
  8. Damn. I need to ask around. I will start one if I can get at least 10 people or 15 people who are interested.
  9. i think there are a lot of people but no one checks this club so no one knows ab a guild. if anyone starts one let me know
  10. Maybe start a new guild? I was thinking of creating one but I can’t find many active players that uses this mod. So it would be difficult to have a two person guild lol.

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