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Feel the new generation of mobile game with the world of NARUTO and BORUTO! Infiltrate forts created by other players worldwide, and defend yours! (This Game is currently only in japan)

  1. What's new in this club
  2. What I was thinking Not gonna win this month. K_K is too good
  3. Does anyone want the Japanese version of this game hacked? 誰でもこのゲームの日本語版がハッキングされることを望みますか? (Google Translated)
  4. 42-beta4 is not compatible with ios 9.3.3. Thankfully however, the developer of the tweak Liberty has updated the program to include BorutoxNaruto, so for anyone else who is stuck on 9.3.3, there is hope 😊
  5. i have a global clan if someone wants to join. search for clan: kingsei see ya!
  6. That would explain it. 42 doesnt work with ios 9.3.3 unfortunately
  7. Remove both and install xCon from Xayold. The version I have is 42~beta4
  8. I have borh xcon and ts protector installed, and I am still getting this error. Is there any other advice you guys may have ?
  9. i feel like ap is attack power not sure those
  10. So I just downloaded the game, and was wondering what CP & AP are? I'm new to anime games.
  11. I don’t have a JailBroken phone anymore but I also got the error.
  12. i thought they didn't have anti jailbreak detection in the japan version
  13. Global version release i have download this on EUA store
  14. lol did u abuse the hack keep having problems with jb detection...xCon worked once and failed till now sigh
  15. This topic was moved from Announcement to Help & Support. It's likely detecting the Cheat Engines or IAP Crackers.
  16. I keep getting an error that says "The Application was closed because a security policy violation was detected" anyone know what's going on? Plz I really want to enjoy this game.
  17. Thanks goodness i had a head start Everyone who started today going have to grind their booty off to compete

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