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The Custom Install Feature on The iOSGods App

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Posted (edited)

iOSGods App

I'm sure most of you are aware this feature exists already. Some of you have tried it personally, others have seen it in the app announcement topic. Since the feature was released, it has been well received by many, and because of this, we have improved it and made some small adjustments to make it even better!

What's New?
Well, the functionality was down for a bit so that's fixed and it's working now (sorry!). And we also fixed the ability to set custom app names (sorry again!). Next, we added some more options requested by members. Options like giving users the ability to change/spoof the Minimum OS Version required for the app, and the actual app version which are both located inside the Info.plist. These are the current available options for Custom Install:

New Bundle Name - Changes the application's bundle identifier and allows for installing multiple of the same app. While this does sound cool, changing this on some apps can have some unwanted side effects.

New App Display Name - Changes the application display name on your home screen to whatever you like.

New App Version - Changes the app version so you can trick an app to make it think it's up to date. This doesn't work on all apps.

New Minimum iOS Version - Changes the minimum iOS version requirement for the app. If you're on iOS 9, and the app requires iOS 10+, then you can use this feature to make it installable on your iOS 9 device.

Each option is optional. Meaning you can fill in one and leave the others. You can simply change your app name on the home screen without changing anything else. There are more options to come if requested!

How do I use it?
Each app you visit, has the ••• option next to install button. Tapping on that will give you the option to "Custom Install" the app.


Then the output will be:
(took me a while to make this image)

We are aware that big 2GB+ apps may fail to custom install and we're working on fixing that along with more app improvements. This feature is currently ViP only. We cannot make it publicly available at this time because it would stress the server too much.

Thank you everyone for supporting iOSGods & The iOSGods App. Excited for the things to come! :)


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Edited by DiDA
1GB - 2GB apps can now be Custom Installed. Added video!
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