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Solved tank stars

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    • By bowiethegreat
      App: Dead Trigger 2
      Version >1.3.3
      >iPhone SE / Jailbroken / iOS 10.2
      I Know there's one already but-it's ViP Cheat. I remember there-was a Cheat for v1.9.0 if i wasn't-mistaken. and it was free.
      Requested features > Unlimited items: such as grenades/health. NO infinite ammo.
      Thank You.
    • By xNolan
      I can't get an app specific password because I have 2 factor disabled, but when I enabled it and got an app specific password I couldn't use it because I have 2 factor enabled... How do I get this to work
    • By Teamraw
      So I had this same peoblem. I installed the Hacked version from twxxkbox. I still had my original game with lvl 99. I was excited and decided to craft a few unreleased things. When I exited the game and restarted, I was stuck in the loading screen..a small notch from fully loaded.
      The bad news: when this happens to you, you won’t be able to retrieve this account ever again unless if some fix is made available.  You 
      I tried everything. Reinstalling the original version from AppStore, trying a new server etc. I couldn’t restore. Even tho I started fresh with a new character, when I deleted a version of the game and tried to restore the new character from the last version of the game I installed, it went right back to the save that was burnt. 
      My conclusion: you will never be able to play the game with ease anymore because anytime you have to reinstall the game, (usually after an update) whether from twxxxbox, Txxu or AppStore, you have to start fresh. 
      The solution: 
      1. You need to create a fresh Apple ID. (I know what you are thinking :-). Don’t worry..keep reading..) 
      Go to appleid.apple.com and create it. 
      2. After creating the new Apple ID, go to settings and click on the search at the top and type in Game Center. Once the Game Center shows up in the search results, click on it. 
      3. Once Game Center is open, scroll to the very bottom and select “Use different Apple ID for Game Center”. Select the option “Not xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com?”
      Use your new Apple ID and sign in. 
      4. Delete version of the game from your device and install a fresh copy from AppStore.  It will NOT ask you to restore once you start the game because you are using a brand new Apple ID and there is no previous data saved from Game Center on this ID. Once you get in game, play for a minute or two, then exit and delete this version.  Go to your favorite tweaking app(txxxkbox etc) and download & install a fresh version of the hacked game. 
      5. Start the game, select the server, and select the RESTORE option. It should load the brand new profile from your new Apple ID. When there is a new version of the game and you have to download the new version, you won’t have problems in restoring your last saved game because it is not corrupted.
      Note: Do NOT make the same mistake twice and craft unreleased items. There is a list of items that you should not craft available.  (I saw it somewhere but don’t remember where 🙂).
      NOTE: You will loose the progress on ALL of your games that use Game Center, when you sign in with the new Apple ID. If you love LDOE that much and you don’t care about other games that you previously played through Game Center, then you shouldn’t have to worry. Otherwise, you may have to switch back and forth.  
      Also, using the newly created Apple ID for game center will not affect the rest of your device such as iTunes/iCloud. 
      I hope this helps. 
    • By Donzor
      Name of the game you want hacked: Guardian Hunter By TROLLGAMES LLC
      Version of the game: 4.3.9
      iTunes Link for the app: 
      Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: vip non-jailbroken
      Requested Features: 
      - No SKills CD
      - Unlimited SP
      - God Mode
      - One Hit Kill
      - Anti-Cheat Removed
      if possible same as normal vip hack.
    • By suparman
      Name of the game you want hacked: Toram Online
      Version of the game: v3.2.18i
      iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toram-online/id988683886?mt=8
      Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken
      Requested Features: 
      -Infinite Mana Pool
      -Luck Modifier
      -Updated Infinite Mage Wall
      -No Cast Time For Every Skill
      Any of these ^^
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