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Help/Support Jailbreak broken?

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Posted (edited)

Im running 9.3.3 and i installed an older version of cydia substrate by mistake thru ifile. No i cant jailbreak again the phone just reboots. No way to get in safe mode again to open ifile and delete what i installed. Any tipps please?


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8 answers to this question

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Does your PC recognise your iPhone?

Do you have SSH access?

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Posted (edited)

@DiDA never tried ssh. I will try to use ifunbox and delete the wrong cydia Substrate. Everytime i try to reactivate my phone reboots :/


tried just now my pc recognize my phone but i cant find the folder with the wrong substrate thing

Edited by 1337nix

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By re-activate you mean re-activate the jailbreak, right? Or by turning on your phone?

If its by turning on your phone, and it is stuck in boot loop, you iOS itself is corrupted, and there is no way to fix it besides doing a system restore.

If you mean re-activate jailbreak...what cydia substrate did you install?

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@MUI Goku how can i do that? Donwloaded so many file manager but i cant access /var/mobile/.... folders to delete the substrate. The power+volume button seems not working for me just normal boot

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Still stuck at non jb status. What is if i backup to an older time? Does the raw files also change then? Maybe the working mobilesubstrate is saved in the backup

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