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Lord Alucard

 Giveaway VIP Giveaway 4.0 ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡0)

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    • By hnmn2607
      Hello everyone, me and some other members are running a hacker alliance. We have gone into operation and we can guarantee to complete Utimus raid VI 60% and Thanos III 60% at the moment. We will move to 100% thanos III as soon as we have enough ppl. Please feel free to drop me a message and I will tell you about the alliance.
      Also, we have our own EXCLUSIVE and super CHEAP supply of POWER CORES, we will share with you once you  have joined the alliance. 
      The leader will open a 50$-worth power core GIVEAWAY on the first time we reach 100% on thanos raid III😎
    • By Trinityz_
      - Spotify Premium Accounts (x2) (1 Winner announced per week!)
      - Comment down below!
      - Have Faith
      People that fail to complete the instructions will not be receiving any of the accounts so follow them!
      I will be private messaging the winners and announcing them in this post.
      End date/time:
      - 3 weeks from now (08/21/18)
      Good luck to all participants!
       - 123PitchFork https://bit.ly/2AI5QBM
       - Trafaglar https://bit.ly/2MHQcb0
    • By busmanl30
      So to enter this giveaway to get iGameGuardian all you have to do is to comment down with something nice. A winner will be chosen Sunday morning .  
      Oh, yea almost forgot you're only allowed to comment once, Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
      Congrats to @DimkaZ for winning the giveaway please pm me your discord to claim your prize
      dont worry i will be doing another one soon
    • By Lord Alucard
      3 days
      1. Currently a member for 6 months
      2. Not currently VIP 
      3. 100+ posts
      4. What did you do for summer? No spam, 2 comment limit
      @Rainfall wins
    • By Tjaboro
      Chamber 19 Steam Code!
      I know none of u prob own VR or know what chamber 19 is but still, you’ll have more games to brag to your friends about  
      To enter: 
      Comment “Gimme Gimme”
      I will use a RNG too decide what person who wins and btw I’ll be checking if u reacted so don’t try and cheat  
      If this post reaches 10 posts I’ll give away another game  
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