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Help/Support Blue screen no writing on IPad 10.2

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Hi all,

I am really hoping that someone can help me here. I have an iPad Air running 10.2 always been jailbroken had no issues until last night my screen went blue.... my iPad reset and now I have no writing on the App Store or anywhere and my safari internet pages are all blank white with a black padlock sign flashing all the time in the web address bar. I have SHSH blobs saved but is there a way around this? Re jail braking as I cannot see any writing at all? No idea what's happened or why. 

Can I downgrade from latest iOS to 10.2 if I did have to restore the iPad? 


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4 answers to this question

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This is known as the “blue screen of death”, it makes the users of iPhone's frustrated. The problem may occur after a small drop or when you are using one of the apps all of a sudden, the screen starts flickering, lines will appear on screen and then gets a blue screen or a white screen.

Have you dropped the device at all ?

installed anything you may think has caused the issue ?

There are only 6 ways to fix this and the last two are a final resort as both will cost you your jailbreak  

Solution 1: Hard Reset

Hidden Content
     Performing a hard reset is an effective way to relieve iPhone crash and freeze. Sometimes the blue screen is random and temporary, and thus it can be easily fixed through a reboot.

    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously.
    • Hold the buttons until you see the apple logo appears on iPhone screen.

Solution 2: Update Apps to Latest Version

Solution 3: Deactive iCloud Sync for iWork

Hidden Content
    Some of the users reported that the blue screen issue happens when they use Pages, Numbers or Keynote. Pressing the Home button while you are editing a document can cause iPhone to crash, and then followed by a blue screen and reboot. The workaround to this problem is disable iCloud from synchronizing with iWork apps. Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, slide the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to OFF. 

Solution 4:  One - Click - Reboot with Reiboot - https://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/free-iphone-ipad-ipod-reboot.html

Hidden Content
     Connect your iOS device to computer with USB cable, click “Exit Recovery Mode” and wait for around 20 seconds. Your device will be restarted and should get back to normal state.

Solution 5: Restore your iPhone to Factory Settings Using iTunes (Data Erased) Not recommended while Jailbroken. 

Edited by iDavie

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Thanks for the replies, I have not dropped it all and have not installed any new tweaks in the last couple of months. I was just on safari when it happened. No lines came up the screen went blue for around 2 seconds and then the iPad restarted whocvi obviously usually I just have to put back into a jailbroken state again but my worry is there is no writing on any apps or webpages just blank. The App Store loads but no names against apps or anything? I have hard reset and it's the same. Fully operational but with no writing on anything. 



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