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Cydia FREE In-App Purchases iOS 9-10

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Cayetano    823
  • Topic Author
  • is that updated on ios 10


    Yes, it works just fine.

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    Cayetano    823
  • Topic Author
  • it says works only on IOS 8.0, and 1.4.2 version

    It's definitely compatible with iOS 10.2.

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    Omee11    8

    Just replying so I can see if it works


    Ok nvm I already have this

    Edited by Omee11

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      • By i0s_tweak3r

        I haven't been more excited about a new Cydia tweak in a while. This thing is pretty powerful, works on most apps, laying out viewcontrollers, views, classes, objects, arrays, Headers, instances and available Ivars.  Pretty much everything listed have values (or nil) associated with them.
        Apps do tend to crash when you play around a bit too much with the current view and/or controller (or its parent/child view).  I've gotten so much info that'd be useful for making cheats and tweaks in just about an hour it's crazy. 
        It's natively supported, so I think there's a good chance the offsets provided are accurate, without having to crack, thin and remove aslr.   I found and played with the view and/or v. controllers of some of the most essential pages of youtube, spotify, angry birds,  safari, napster, as well as learned a lot about my device and common values of headers I'd often seen but never knew..  It's awesome to see exactly how many pixels each CGImage have, and to be able to quickly find most native functions available for modification.  
        Was also able to use it for it's intended purpose (kind of), squished a few bugs in  a tweak I'm working on by reading the output of the preference bundle inside the settings app.
        Anyways, hope u guys like it as much as I do........

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      • By CrimsonAce
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      • By Arixxon
        Hello, I hope this is the right category
        I have iPhone 6 running 10.1.1 with Yalu Jailbreak. So I sign the app with Impactor and everythings goes fine. Until I have some issue so I must restart my iphone and after I do it, yalu crashes upon clicking, I need to delete the Yalu app, go to impactor, revoke certificates, and sign the app again, whole process every time I restart my iPhone. What is the issue?

        PS: Because I got answers to something not relevant to that issue -  I know I need to resign every 7 days. But this happens the same day i sign the app. It just crashes. If it expired i wouldn't have to revoke certificate. It just breaks on reboot  
      • By Stephcreas
        Hey bros,
        I jailbreak my iPhone since my first iPhone (3gs) but I never try this and I don't find a real answer…
        So I prefer asking U  
        My doubt: The main repo I used stopped activity . Of course each time launch cydia take a "long time" (and report error about this repo). So remove this repo seems useful. But if I do it, what's happen for installed packages? Do they stay or do they remove too?
        Thanks you for sharing Your knowledge and excuse me for my poor english language (but most important it's arrive to explain) 😉  
      • By FlyingAK47
        Helped clean up a lot of space for me.

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