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ViP Terms & Conditions - Changes in the ViP System

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DiDA    52,556

Please thoroughly read everything before purchasing a subscription.

  1. Sharing your ViP account or sharing the cheats and goodies inside the ViP sections is not allowed and will get you banned if you break this rule. Our ViP content are for personal use only.
  2. You purchase ViP for what you see inside the ViP section(s), not for what's to come. 
  3. You do not purchase ViP for just one hack. This is because the hack may not be updated or may be patched. If you purchase ViP, you're purchasing it as a subscription to many hacks and not just one.
  4. You cannot use your friend(s) or family member's information when purchasing ViP. This includes credit card details. All the information submitted must be yours and owned by you.
  5. There are absolutely no refunds after purchasing ViP.
  6. As a ViP member, you are obliged to keep your account secure. This means you cannot use simple dictionary password or passwords which are easily guessable. Do not use the same password across websites, always use a unique password on every website. If you fail to follow this important rule and your account gets compromised, your ViP access will be terminated.
  7. Once your subscription expires, no automatic renewals will be performed unless you specifically told the system to do so.


Hello everyone,

This topic will explain the recent changes in our ViP System and the idea behind it.

First of all, we removed the previous ViP term times option and replaced it with a 1 Month ViP option. The new 1 Month ViP will only be available to Senior Members and above (this may change in the future). Secondly, the ViP prices have changed. The prices differ depending on your rank. So, if you just joined the website, the ViP price will be normal for you (see below) and if you have a rank here on iOSGods, the ViP prices will be offered at a discount. Below are our current prices for current ranks.


ViP - 1 Month -> $9.99 (This is unavailable when you're in the members group)

ViP - 2 Months -> $16.99

ViP - 3 Months -> $25.99 -> $24.99

ViP & Non-Jailbroken ViP + 3 Months -> $34.99

GFX Team, Novice Cheaters or higher

ViP - 1 Months -> $9.99

ViP - 2 Months -> $11.99

ViP - 3 Months -> $20.99 -> $19.99

ViP & Non-Jailbroken ViP + 3 Months -> $34.99

We believe this will encourage people to set a goal for a higher rank for the extra benefits (not just in ViP prices). This may also help prevent leeching of ViP content & improve the quality of our ViP section by filling it with new content.

Since not everyone will be able to purchase ViP, ViP access can also be obtained via the Contributors rank. Cheaters, ModdersGlobal Moderators & Administrator rank comes with ViP Access.

To obtain any of the ranks above, please see this topic for more information.


Edited by DiDA
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