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Price Drop: EasyCoach (Healthcare & Fitness)

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EasyCoach 1.3.1

Device: iOS Universal

Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3.1 (iTunes)



EasyCoach- This app is perfect for coaches who want to have access to all their athletes information without the hassle of multiple pieces of paper. With this app, coaches can quickly access their athletes medical records, attendance, scores, contact information, and more. Another component, is that coaches can sync their device with other coaches devices (via wifi) and therefore transfer their data to the other device. This would save time for other coaches and therefore make life easier, hence the name EasyCoach.

Bugs Fixed!
In this version of EasyCoach, there is a new component called "custom time", which enables you to record attendence from the past. Another new component is called "new workout", which allows you to record workouts for the athletes you select. With this function you can also create excel spreadsheets which can be emailed to other coaches. In this new system, you don't have to re-enter all of your athletes information because EasyCoach will immediately update the format of the database for you. And lastly, the roster is now email supported.


-Fixed Bugs with E-Mailing spreadsheet
-Full File Manager
-Database updated to timestamped entries.
-With the new version of EasyCoach, we are introducing LineUp creator. LineUp creator allows you to select a folder containing athletes names and then drag their names into sports field templates which have preloaded positions. After you are satisfied, all you have to do is tap save and EasyCoach will convert all the names placed in the template into a printable and automatically saved PDF.
-Besides having LineUp creator we have created WiSend. WiSend allows you to connect to other coaches' devices on the same network and friend them so whenever you, or they, edit their athletes information, you will also receive those changes. This is a wifi based system meaning that it will only work if you are continually connected to wifi and are online. So next we created 'Revive' where you can close EasyCoach and do other things, but still come back to the app and refresh your whole database with the click of one button. By tapping that button, your whole database will re-connect and check itself with other friended coaches who are currently online so you have up-to-date information.

What's New


Fixed Bugs
iOS 6 / iPhone 5 Compatible




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