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 Help/Support How to find what to hack in IDA? (sub_xxx)


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So after using dnspy for a while and hacking quite a few unity games, i wanted to try no unity games/sub_xxx with IDA,

target game: Dead by Daylight

I'm able to find the functions i want using strings,

here is the target string: __cstring:00000001046AE9B4    00000029    C    GameplayModifierType.RevealKillerInRange

(There are many similar strings for different objects, - traps, hooks, survivors; since the game has built in chams, i believe these are the functions to enable the chams for each entity/object.)

After xref'ing the string, here are the results: https://imgur.com/a/Ga80yqQ ,

as you can see, there are many results, giving us the idea that this is a useful string so far.

Then pressing ok,  we can now see that there is a sub_x right below the function (reinforcing the idea of this being a useful string):

ADRP            X1, #[email protected] ; "GameplayModifierType.RevealKillerInRang"...
ADD             X1, X1, #[email protected] ; "GameplayModifierType.RevealKillerInRang"...
ADD             X0, SP, #0x30
MOV             W2, #1
BL              sub_1024EBB80
LDR             X1, [SP,#0x30]
LDR             W2, [SP,#0x38]
ADD             X0, X21, #0x6CC
BL              sub_104000738

In fact.. there are 2 sub_x's, this is my first issue... Which sub_x should i open? both? or is one preferred? Let me know!

For the sake of the Help/support Topic, i will just choose and open the first sub_x (BL              sub_1024EBB80)

here are the visuals..: https://imgur.com/a/ZNxvAGZ 

If you cannot zoom in on the image, i will paste it all here:

Top box :

; Attributes: bp-based frame

STP             X20, X19, [SP,#-0x20]!
STP             X29, X30, [SP,#0x10]
ADD             X29, SP, #0x10
MOV             X19, X0
CBZ             X1, loc_1024EBBBC

Bottom left box:

MOV             X3, X2
MOV             W2, #0
MOV             W4, #1
MOV             W5, #0xFFFFFFFF
MOV             X0, X19
BL              sub_1024EC234
MOV             X0, X19
LDP             X29, X30, [SP,#0x10]
LDP             X20, X19, [SP+0],#0x20

Bottom right box:

STR             XZR, [X19]
STR             WZR, [X19,#8]
MOV             X0, X19
LDP             X29, X30, [SP,#0x10]
LDP             X20, X19, [SP+0],#0x20
; End of function sub_1024EBB80

Here, i'm not sure what to modify, yes i know what MOV, STR, BL, LDR, RET, ADD, SUB etc mean, i've done a lot of research but can't seem to find my answers, so can anyone tell me what i should change in this?

Next, i believe we can go into the next sub, (BL              sub_1024EC234)

which will take us to this: (I will put IDA into text view so i can copy'n paste it all)

__text:00000001024EC234 sub_1024EC234                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EB8C8+1C0↑p
__text:00000001024EC234                                         ; sub_1024EBB80+28↑p
__text:00000001024EC234                 STP             X28, X27, [SP,#-0x40]!
__text:00000001024EC238                 STP             X22, X21, [SP,#0x10]
__text:00000001024EC23C                 STP             X20, X19, [SP,#0x20]
__text:00000001024EC240                 STP             X29, X30, [SP,#0x30]
__text:00000001024EC244                 ADD             X29, SP, #0x30
__text:00000001024EC248                 SUB             SP, SP, #0x410
__text:00000001024EC24C                 MOV             X19, X5
__text:00000001024EC250                 MOV             X22, X3
__text:00000001024EC254                 MOV             X20, X1
__text:00000001024EC258                 MOV             X21, X0
__text:00000001024EC25C                 ADRP            X8, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC260                 LDR             X8, [X8,#[email protected]]
__text:00000001024EC264                 LDR             X8, [X8]
__text:00000001024EC268                 STUR            X8, [X29,#-0x38]
__text:00000001024EC26C                 CBNZ            W2, loc_1024EC298
__text:00000001024EC270                 CBZ             W4, loc_1024EC298
__text:00000001024EC274                 ADD             X1, SP, #8
__text:00000001024EC278                 ADD             X3, SP, #4
__text:00000001024EC27C                 MOV             W2, #0x400
__text:00000001024EC280                 MOV             X0, X20
__text:00000001024EC284                 BL              sub_1024EF2C8
__text:00000001024EC288                 CBZ             W0, loc_1024EC334
__text:00000001024EC28C                 ADD             X20, SP, #8
__text:00000001024EC290                 LDR             W8, [SP,#4]
__text:00000001024EC294                 ADD             W2, W8, #1
__text:00000001024EC298 loc_1024EC298                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+38↑j
__text:00000001024EC298                                         ; sub_1024EC234+3C↑j
__text:00000001024EC298                 LDRB            W9, [X20]
__text:00000001024EC29C                 CBZ             W9, loc_1024EC340
__text:00000001024EC2A0 loc_1024EC2A0                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+108↓j
__text:00000001024EC2A0                 MOV             W8, #0
__text:00000001024EC2A4                 ADD             X10, X20, #1
__text:00000001024EC2A8                 ADRP            X11, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC2AC                 ADD             X11, X11, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC2B0                 MOV             X12, X9
__text:00000001024EC2B4 loc_1024EC2B4                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+A8↓j
__text:00000001024EC2B4                 SXTB            W13, W12
__text:00000001024EC2B8                 SUB             W13, W13, #0x61 ; 'a'
__text:00000001024EC2BC                 CMP             W13, #0x1A
__text:00000001024EC2C0                 CSET            W13, CC
__text:00000001024EC2C4                 SUB             W12, W12, W13,LSL#5
__text:00000001024EC2C8                 EOR             W12, W8, W12
__text:00000001024EC2CC                 AND             W12, W12, #0xFF
__text:00000001024EC2D0                 LDR             W12, [X11,W12,UXTW#2]
__text:00000001024EC2D4                 EOR             W8, W12, W8,LSR#8
__text:00000001024EC2D8                 LDRB            W12, [X10],#1
__text:00000001024EC2DC                 CBNZ            W12, loc_1024EC2B4
__text:00000001024EC2E0                 ADD             X10, X20, #1
__text:00000001024EC2E4                 MOV             W12, #0xFFFFFFFF
__text:00000001024EC2E8                 ADRP            X11, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC2EC                 ADD             X11, X11, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC2F0 loc_1024EC2F0                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+F4↓j
__text:00000001024EC2F0                 EOR             W9, W12, W9
__text:00000001024EC2F4                 AND             W9, W9, #0xFF
__text:00000001024EC2F8                 LDR             W9, [X11,W9,UXTW#2]
__text:00000001024EC2FC                 EOR             W9, W9, W12,LSR#8
__text:00000001024EC300                 AND             W12, W9, #0xFF
__text:00000001024EC304                 LDR             W12, [X11,W12,UXTW#2]
__text:00000001024EC308                 EOR             W9, W12, W9,LSR#8
__text:00000001024EC30C                 AND             W12, W9, #0xFF
__text:00000001024EC310                 LDR             W12, [X11,W12,UXTW#2]
__text:00000001024EC314                 EOR             W9, W12, W9,LSR#8
__text:00000001024EC318                 AND             W12, W9, #0xFF
__text:00000001024EC31C                 LDR             W12, [X11,W12,UXTW#2]
__text:00000001024EC320                 EOR             W12, W12, W9,LSR#8
__text:00000001024EC324                 LDRB            W9, [X10],#1
__text:00000001024EC328                 CBNZ            W9, loc_1024EC2F0
__text:00000001024EC32C                 MVN             W9, W12
__text:00000001024EC330                 B               loc_1024EC344
__text:00000001024EC334 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
__text:00000001024EC334 loc_1024EC334                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+54↑j
__text:00000001024EC334                 MOV             W2, #0
__text:00000001024EC338                 LDRB            W9, [X20]
__text:00000001024EC33C                 CBNZ            W9, loc_1024EC2A0
__text:00000001024EC340 loc_1024EC340                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+68↑j
__text:00000001024EC340                 MOV             W8, #0
__text:00000001024EC344 loc_1024EC344                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1024EC234+FC↑j
__text:00000001024EC344                 AND             W5, W8, #0xFFFF
__text:00000001024EC348                 AND             W6, W9, #0xFFFF
__text:00000001024EC34C                 MOV             X3, X22
__text:00000001024EC350                 MOV             X4, X19
__text:00000001024EC354                 MOV             X0, X21
__text:00000001024EC358                 MOV             X1, X20
__text:00000001024EC35C                 BL              sub_1024ECA2C
__text:00000001024EC360                 LDUR            X8, [X29,#-0x38]
__text:00000001024EC364                 ADRP            X9, #[email protected]
__text:00000001024EC368                 LDR             X9, [X9,#[email protected]]
__text:00000001024EC36C                 LDR             X9, [X9]
__text:00000001024EC370                 CMP             X9, X8
__text:00000001024EC374                 B.NE            loc_1024EC390
__text:00000001024EC378                 ADD             SP, SP, #0x410
__text:00000001024EC37C                 LDP             X29, X30, [SP,#0x30]
__text:00000001024EC380                 LDP             X20, X19, [SP,#0x20]
__text:00000001024EC384                 LDP             X22, X21, [SP,#0x10]
__text:00000001024EC388                 LDP             X28, X27, [SP+0],#0x40
__text:00000001024EC38C                 RET


Here, there are another 2 sub_x (the final ones in the string) let me know if you want me to show them too but i was afraid this topic is too long.. haha

and if anyone knows what i cant change to enable the built in chams, please let me know!

and thank you for your time.





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      STEP 6: If the hack is a Mod Menu, which is usually the case nowadays, the cheat features can be toggled in-game. Some cheats have options that can be enabled from your iDevice settings.
      STEP 7: Turn on the features you want and play the game. You may need to follow further instructions inside the hack's popup in-game.


      NOTE: If you have any questions or problems, read our Troubleshooting topic & Frequently Asked Questions & Answers topic. If you still haven't found a solution, post your issue down below and we'll do our best to help! If the hack does work for you, post your feedback below and help out other fellow members that are encountering issues.

      - AlyssaX64

      Cheat Video/Screenshots:

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