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Cydia Complete List Of 100 iOS 12.4 Tweaks


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 Complete List Of 100 iOS 12.4 Tweaks  (BY UnforgiveN)

Hello, Today I'll showing ya'll some tweaks I find useful as for the 12.4 Jailbreak. This list is beautifully organized and very friendly to read. Now you'd say why make a thread when everyone has Youtube? Shut up okay? just shut up I can make a thread If I want to cause I Enjoy it. Besides, Most videos on Youtube have ads or probably too long for no apparent Reason. So, I've put down some of the useful ones that I found.

I personally use unc0ver Jailbreak cause you know Cydia is the Golden app and no other copy such as Sileo can beat the Legend. So, If you're using Chimera kill urself pls Anyways Let's get started.

 1 - LocalIAPStore (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org) [MUST HAVE++]
Starting the list , I'd like to mention the most legendary tweak of all time. Local IAP Store allows you to purchase any in-app purchasable item for absolutely FREE! This tweak has been around for a very long time. Now-a-days most of the games are linked with servers which is a sad news for us but it still works on 60% of the new games cause you know not everyone can afford to link a game with a server so yeah,  Enjoy!

2 - Cylinder

Cylinder is also one of the legendary tweak that has been around for a while. It allows you to change your page switching animation to a custom one and it has a lot , If not a lot of animations to choose from. Not to mention about the awesomeness in this is actually you can select a bunch of effects to mix them! you can't imagine the possibilities with this tweak! also you can select to randomize the animations. So, go ahead and install this bad boy out!

3 - Cask (Repo: rpetri.ch)

Now at this point you'd say I'm trolling but seriously this is also another legendary tweak (no one: , me: "LeGenDaRy TwEaK"). This tweak has also been around for quite a while and you should definitely get this.Basically, It changes the cascading animations to custom animation (Like when in settings you scroll down or up or maybe whatever you search in Safari, it would change the animation). It comes with 4 animations the most popular one being the "Slide" which I personally use. Cask may say not working for iOS 12.4 but It does.

4 - PasscodeText 

Now If you're a fan of customizing your iDevice and taking it beyond the limits, not even leaving a single thing then you should definitely check this tweak out! PasscodeText as the name suggests, allows you to change the "Enter Passcode or touch Id" text to anything You like. Such as changing it to your local language or maybe just a little lock emoji basically anything you want. So, definitely worth checking. It does say it works till iOS 11 but I've tested it and it just worked fine on iOS 12.4.

5 - Shuffle (Repo: creaturesurvive.github.io/) [MUST HAVE]

Shuffle is another simple, yet helpful af  Tweak. Now If you have a Jailbroken iDevice you may probably have installed a lot of tweaks and apps as well and when you open up settings and Goddamn! you scroll down to the new tweak you installed and you have to scroll down so freakin' down that you may as well just die till you reach the bottom where your tweaks are. But introducing Shuffle, The one and only tweak that automatically arranges all of your Tweaks , Apps and System apps into a three little sections on top of your settings! so you don't have to scroll down a million light years. And another cool thing it does is you may have noticed some tweaks don't have any icon, It basically gives the tweaks that don't have any icon , some kind of icon too! so you know If you care about arranging and stuff go get it!

6 - TranslucentCydia 

Another simple, yet beautiful tweak is TranslucentCydia. There's nothing much to it all it does is, It changes the black background of the Cydia whenever you add a source or install a tweak to the background that your Home screen has. Example If you have a hot anime girl in your background It will show in Cydia as well whenever you add a source or install a tweak so Y'all pervs can enjoy a little more of them thighs *wink*

7 - Bolders

Ever thought how beautiful the default Folders layout looks in your iDevice? Me neither. Bolders will change the default Folders layout to a beautiful one. It will take up your whole screen and also giving you the option to customize how many apps you want in a row and also showing the number of apps a specific folder has when it's opened.

8 - Melior (Repo: sparkdev.me) [MUST HAVE]

Finally! you can get rid of that mother trucking annoying Volume HUD in your iDevice! Inspired from iOS 13 , Melior is an extremely beautiful volume HUD that doesn't fill up your entire screen.

9 - HideLabels12 (Repo: repo.packix.com/) and HideDots

I wanted to include both of these tweaks in one number because why not? Basically they both have kinda similar function. HideLabels12 Allows you to say goodbye to the Names of all apps , going for a very beautiful look. While HideDots hides the Dots on both home screen and lock screen.

10  - IKnowTheTime (Repo: repo.packix.com/)

On your lock screen , you can see the time and when you switch to the widget screen , you see the time there as well? Excuse me wtf? No more Time on your widget screen as you know the time.

11 - PullToRespring

PullToRespring makes you PullToRespring such comedy much wow. It allows you to respring your device when you pull downwards in settings.

 12 - Safari Plus [MUST HAVE++]

A very useful tweak for safari. It gives you a whole lot of features for Safari. A download manager! install all them IPAs from safari directly! no need of Appcake anymore!

13 - DeleteForever [MUST HAVE]

Do you have OCD like I do? Do you like to delete photo from recently deleted as soon as you delete them so you can just get rid of them but it is basically time consuming cause you just delete it first and then goto recently deleted and then del... Okay basically it will allow you to permanently delete photos except going into that recently deleted.

14 - ColorBadges (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Changes the notification badge color to the most dominant color of the app. Actually Paid but Hack Your iphone repo, ya know *wink*

15 - Muze 4 (repo.packix.com/) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE]

A very breathtaking theme for your iDevice. It costs. And it is definitely worth all the money.You need Anemone or Snowboard to run this theme so you must also install any of them.If you want it for free , get the "Hack Your Iphone" Repo. But seriously you should support the creator for such amazing theme and it's not really expensive.

16 - Label 

Allows you to change the "No Older Notifications" to any custom text you want. Set it to any text you want such as a friendly reminder that no one loves you. ; (

 17 - iCleaner Pro (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org) [APPLICATION] [MUST HAVE++]

A very useful and must-have tweak is iCleaner Pro. It allows you to free up some space and even maintain your iDevice's battery life by disabling some instances. Basically it's the Clean Master of iOS besides you require Jailbreak for it.

18 - Bounce It!

A very nice tweak to have. It adds Bouncing animation for various instances such as opening or closing an app or folder etc.

19 - CallDismiss12 (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org) [MUST HAVE]

A very basic but extremely useful tweak to have! Ever lost a PUBG Game while in the last zone cause of a stupid call from your friend? Well Introducing CallDismiss12 that allows you to hide the UI and Ringtone by pressing the home button so you get that easy chicken dinner! cause u have no gf lul

20 - CoolCC

This little tweak removes the background of your control center also it adds a cool border line to all modules.

21 - DismissAnywhere 

One of the most useful tweak in this whole list is DismissAnywhere , It allows you to dismiss any popup by pressing anywhere on the screen. It also removes the "Cancel" button when about to uninstall an app. It may say not working but it actually is.

22 - DoubleCut

A simple tweak that can save a whole lot of your time! Ever had to write your email again'n'again but couldn't copy paste cause you had copied a text or some kind of code? Well DoubleCut allows you to double tap "@" button to enter your email. You can set any email not only email but you can set anything to write some specific thing. Like you had a fight with a b**** and you don't wanna write a whole lotta stuff cause your hands hurt well save all your insults and a long novel full of nasty abuses in DoubleCut and press that F button twice or thrice to insert them sweet words and boom anytime.

23 - QuickCC

QuickCC is a simple tweak that will allow you to extend the Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity in control center. So, you can hold that wifi icon in CC to quickly connect to your backup internet anytime , anywhere.

24 - SizeFinder

SizeFinder Finds the Size of The Finder  App I mean. (tried so hard to be funny right there). Actually When you enter in wiggle mode it would show you the amount of space a specific app is occupying so you can look at that "2 GB" on PUBG. No features lost , tap the app size to delete the app or cancel it. Useful tweak to have indeed.

25 - SugarCane (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org)

Sugarcane shows the percentage of Brightness and Volume Level in Control Center. Pretty Basic but nice.

26 - WeatherUnlockText 

Goodbye to that annoying "Press Home Button To Unlock" like b**** we know we gotta press that Home Button Duh.

It will replace that annoying shiz with the weather.

27 - Zeppelin 

Another Legendary tweak right there is Zeppelin that will actually give you an extra icon in your status bar. That icon is pretty much anything you'd like , you can choose from and download thousands of icons for zeppelin. Pretty old school and definitely cool tweak.

28 - PencilChargingIndicator (Repo: shiftcmdk.github.io/repo/)

This simple little tweak will bring iPad Pro Styled Charging Indicator. You'll see that "Test's iPhone" then "Charging with X Percentage"

29 - Snapper 2 (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE][MUST HAVE]

Snapper2 is a very cool tweak that allows you to highlight an area when you take a screenshot. Highlighting works just as cropping a picture. So you can double tap that highlighted area and stick it around anywhere you want. Like if you wanna add a number ,  you can highlight the area then go to the phone app and type the number cause the photo would stay on screen. If you wanna save it just drag to the bottom where you can close it or close it and save it or maybe send it to friends. Grab this one! Hack your iPhone repo needed for crack.

30 - NudeKeys [MUST HAVE]

It removes the border lines between your keyboard keys and also allows you to add gradient in keyboard. Keyboard looks cooler? Yes Please!

31 - SmoothCursor

Smooth Cursor while typing just like butter and it slides smoother than I do between your crush's legs lame!

32 - SilentScreenShot (Repo: repo.packix.com/)

Are you a fan of assassin's creed and like to stay in the shadows? Well This tweak allows you to take screenshots without a sound. You can also change the color of your screenshot.

33 - NoSimAlert (Repo: www.sparkdev.me/)

Most of people use a Jailbroken iDevice for games and tweaked apps so most people don't use SIM in their iDevice. So, If you don't have a SIM that annoying popup literally makes you wanna kill yourself when it appears randomly on screen or after a respring. So, say goodbye to No Sim Alert with this tweak.

34 - BetterShutDown

This simple tweak will allow you to respring , reboot or power off your device when you hold your power button.

35 - ByeSeparatorsCell

This valentines , remove the distances by using this tweak to remove all those separators System-wide! Going well for a cleaner look overall. 

 36 - Youtube Tools (Repo: jpet26.yourepo.com/) [MUST HAVE++]

Most beautiful tweak in this list. Grants you all of them Youtube premium features for free! Listen all them Post Malone songs in background or probably never ever see that annoying Uber Ad anymore. Make sure to enable in settings first!

37 - DragEnabler (Repo: skitty.xyz/repo/)

Allows you to drag any link or text to anywhere you'd like. Wanna send them hentai link to ya bud Charles? This tweak Gotchya.

38 - Whoops

This tweak allows you to add a delay between sending the text. Press send to trigger the send button and you can set any delay you'd like so in that delay time you cancel the text from being sent if you want. Ya know , Protection is better , what if you were about to send your nude to your granny? huh?

39 - LabelChanger (Repo: repo.packix.com/)

Pretty Basic. It allows you to change the name of any app.

40 - Wifi Passwords

Saves all of them old Wi-Fi passwords. Them neighbors think they smart af by changing Wi-Fi pass to an old one they used 7 months ago and you don't remember? well not so smart now are they? You - 1 , Them - 0.

41 - Pancake (Repo: repo.packix.com)

Pancake allows you to swipe back feature on your screen on iOS 12.4! You can swipe back on any portion of your screen and BOOM! It feels really nice to be quite honest.

42 - SwipeForMore [MUST HAVE]

A very useful tweak for Cydia is SwipeForMore allows you to swipe over your Installed Debian Packages to perform all tasks you could by pressing them. It makes it a whole lot easier and Time saving. So yeah, Get it.

 43 - ReProvision (Repo: repo.incendo.ws) [APPLICATION] [MUST HAVE++]

Hands down the most useful third party application after Cydia ofcourse.  of iOS 12.4. This little application automatically resigns applications without you ever worrying about it. Just add an application in it and boom it will automatically resign that application.

44 - Dune (Repo: skitty.xyz/repo/)

A very beautiful free tweak. It gives you dark mode for most of the system UI. 

45 - Iconizer (Repo: repo.hackyouriphone.org) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Iconizer allows you to customize your springboard icons in any way you would like them to be! you can change their animation , make them glow and even use filters on their icons! This is actually a paid tweak from BigBoss repo but HackYouriPhone never fails to surprise us.

46 - DismissProgress

 A little but cool tweak that allows you to have a Close button after you install or uninstall a Cydia DEB Package. So if you uninstalled a tweak you may want to respring later so you can just close out of that Black Hell.

47 - CCModules 

This little tweak allows you to manage your control center , Add or remove or maybe even arrange your stuff that appears in the control center. Wanna add Cydia shortcut to install tweaks faster? Not a problem! Wanna add Messages to your control center to text your mate faster? We got you! This tweak is a must have!

48 - BarMoji (Repo: repo.packix.com) 

Barmoji provides you a bar of emojis in the bottom or on top of your keyboard. This is a very handy tweak to have and might save a bunch of time while texting your girlfriend all those cute little hearts. You may select the emoji's that will appear in the bar or may choose Recent emojis to show in the bar.

 49 - Filza File Manager [APPLICATION] [MUST HAVE++]

Basic File Manager. Legendary application on Cydia. If you don't have this, please leave this website.

50 - New Term 2 (Repo: repo.chariz.io) [APPLICATION

This is basically a terminal application to perform certain commands on your iDevice. If you don't know any commands , just keep this Application because you will need it one day , believe me.

51 - SwitchShades (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

This tweak colorizes the blur of each app in the apps switcher according to the color of the icon of that specific app.

Very nice and handy tweak to have. Hack your iPhone repo all the way for the cracked version.

 52 - Flame [MUST HAVE]

Flame is a very nice tweak to have if you don't want to leave anything behind in your journey to customize every aspect of your iDevice. Flame allows you to customize your Cydia experience. Definitely a must have!

53 - Vibrato (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

This beautiful tweak grants you permissions to Enable/Disable the Vibration of certain different aspects. Hack your iPhone repo is required for the cracked version.

54 - HomeGesture (Repo: repo.packix.com)

Too poor to afford an iPhone X ? This pretty tweak grants you all of the iPhone X gestures to your older iDevice. So, grab this tweak and start flexin' today!

55 - BottomBannersX2 (Repo: repo.packix.com)

How beautiful fken hate it it looks like when your friend sends you a message and that banner on top of your screen takes up your whole screen. This tweak makes all the notifications banners appear on the bottom of your iDevice screen.

56 - CCLinker 

This tweak takes you to the respective setting of the certain icon that you hold down in your control center. Pretty nice and saves a bunch of time.

56 - Carrierizer

Gives you ability to have custom text in place of the device carrier on the status bar. Pretty nice and unique tweak.

57 - Togglow (Repo: idevicehacked.com/)

Enables a juicy glow around the icons in control center. Very nice and good tweak.

 58 - NoMoreDisabled [MUST HAVE++]

This tweak is literally the best tweak to have in hand. It will prevent your device from being locked if you enter the pass code wrong too many times.

 59 - Boxy 3 (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE++]

Customize your springboard in the way you want! The number of rows and column on your home screen , the position of the icons. This is a legendary one and you must have this! Hack your iPhone repo is required for the cracked version ya know.

 60 - MiscSettings (Repo: idevicehacked.com/) [MUST HAVE++]

Definitely a must have tweak. MiscSettings grants you settings of literally your whole iOS device!

Grab this one as soon as possible!

61 - Apple File Conduit 2 [MUST HAVE]

This tweak hands down is one of the best in it's functionality. It grants you the File system access of your iDevice on your PC.

Damn! that's Hot!

After you install this tweak , Connect your iDevice to your Windows or MacOS. Use a third party application such as iFunBox , iExplorer that allows you to view files on your PC. This is basically Filza File Manager but on your PC. So , start scriptin' today!

62 - ByeHomeBottomBarX

I know you hate your iPhoneX's annoying Bar on the bottom that tells you that you have to swipe from here. Get rid of that Bottom Bar on iPhone X or above devices with this tweak! It also removes the Bottom bar from tweaks on older devices such as "HomeGesture" tweak. Pretty cool to have if you like a cleaner look.

63 - Magma Pro (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Magma Pro is yet another beautiful tweak from packix , It allows you to colorize your Control Center completely!

So, go for that Pride look or maybe be a black bad boy. Hack Your iPhone Repo is necessary for the crack boi.

64 - Zenith (Repo: repo.chariz.io) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

This hot tweak allows you to hide several apps behind just one app! Works just like a folder but it is more fancier. No one would expect you to be hiding pronhub behind the Bible app. Definitely get this one! Hack your iPhone got you for the crack version baby.

65 - Notifica (Repo: repo.nepeta.me)

This bad boy allows you to customize everything related to your notifications. Colorize it , Add gradient even hide names of apps in widgets , banners etc. Good one!


66 - Gesto (Repo: repo.dynastic.co/) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

This little tweak changes your switch screen layout. It works perfectly and also shows control center in switch screen at the bottom. Very cool tweak and nice to have. Hack your iphone repo is needed for the crack version. Works perfectly with SwitchShades tweak


67 - ColorMyCCModules

This tweak allows you to colorize your control center modules. Pretty basic and nice tweak.

68 - Springfinity [MUST HAVE]

This tweak allows you to swipe up or down infinitely on your home screen. This tweak is definitely worth it! Give it a try!

 69 - SwipeToShowNotification [MUST HAVE++]

Hands down to the new best tweak in this list. This free tweak allows you to expand an app with notification to show that app on notification center inside that app instead opening the app.

You would be like wtf this means? well whenever You will swipe from left to right on a notification banner in the notification center it would expand that app but not actually open it. just f***en try it!! believe me its worth it.

70 - LongerCallButton (Repo: repo.packix.com)

Enlargen your penis call button using this tweak. Pretty basic and nice to have. Not your average gay small call button.

 71. Springtomize 4 (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE++]

Springtomize 4 is hands down one of the coolest tweak in this list and is basically a mixture of literally 30 or more tweaks into one. Including paid ones as well! this is definitely a must have. Basically it provides settings for all aspect of your iDevice such as Lock screen, Home screen , Notification center etc. Basically , a very cool tweak to have. If you just jailbroke your device just now grab this tweak first before anything else. Hack your iPhone repo required to crack.

72. Xen HTML (Repo: repo.packix.com)

If you ever wanted to take your device literally beyond the limits , then this is the tweak for you. Extremely beautiful widgets installer for new devices. The beautiful combo of LockHTML and iWidgets from the good ole days.

73. ArkromePro (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

ArkromePro is another beautiful tweak that shows your battery percentage inside your battery logo. Simple yet beautiful. You require Pulandres repo for the crack version.

74. Assistant+ (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE]

Ever looked at Siri and wondered , "God! If only I could customize her responses." Well Introducing Assistant+. A very awesome tweak that allows you to set custom responses for anything for Siri. Yes! you can now say, Hentai and she will open your favorite Hentai site in no time! This is definitely a must have! Hack your iPhone repo for the crack.

75. BetterAlerts (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

This is a very beautiful tweak that will beautify your Alerts system wide! It adds a blur when an alert popup appears and you may darken or lighten the blur ! You can also change the text color.


Holy Guacamole! Hands down one of the best tweak with a godlike functionality! You can lock any of your app with your Fingerprint and Face ID! It is an extremely helpful tweak. This is like the perfect setup. Imagine this sh!t , your family uses your iPhone 24/7 and u wanna install pronhub app but you can't do it now what you can do is literally install Snowboard and any free theme or so. And then apply this lock to it. LMAO dude can someone tell that the Pandora icon is actually pronhub? Hack your iPhone Repo for crack.

77. DLEasy (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE]

This awesome tweak allows you to download Videos and Photos from almost all of the famous Social Apps. All of them are , Apollo, Facebook , Instagram , Messenger , Pinterest , Reddit , TikTok , TikTok Asian wtf is that , Tumblr , Twitch , Tweetbot , Twitter , VK , WhatsApp , Youtube. Press and Hold to download. Definitely grab this one! Get Hack your iPhone Repo for crack.

78. Free Market (Repo: repo.packix.com) 

"It's not what it looks like!" That's what she said! This tweak changes The "GET" to "FREE" in the Appstore. Simple tweak if you like attention to detail.

79. iCamerax (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE]

iCamerax is a beautiful tweak to enhance your camera app functionality. Full screen mode , No sound and many more features. Hack Your iPhone repo for the crack version.

80. ImageCorrect (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Ever had a convo where you had the best meme at the right spot but couldn't find it or it was too long? Same. Well this tweak allows you to search and send screenshots and gifs directly while chatting. Hack your iPhone repo for crack.

81. Malipo (Repo: repo.packix.com)

Yet another breathtaking tweak. It allows you to change sound of different aspects. You can also download sound packs which are free of cost!

82. ModernPower (Repo: repo.packix.com) [MUST HAVE++]

Oh boy! I can't believe that the dev made this tweak free. Absolutely beautiful HUD for your power buttons such as reboot and respring etc. Definitely a must have right there!

83. SpotOn (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

The stock iOS badge for notifications is holy shiz the most annoying thing ever , Literally uglier than me! This tweak changes the badges into a little spot or dot. Going for a minimalistic look? Grab this! Hack your iPhone repo for the crack.

84. Navale (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Navale is another besutiful tweak that allows you to add gradient to your dock. Very beautiful indeed. Hack your iPhone repo for crack.

85. NiceNotes (Repo: repo.packix.com) 

This beautiful tweak lets you customize your notes application. Simple but beautiful.

86. AppShortcut (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE

If you are in need of a quick apps launcher, then this tweak is definitely your way to go! It's a beautiful quick apps launcher just like the assistive touch , so you can launch your apps anywhere. This was one of the tweaks who's crack took me a while to find. So, google kiiimo's repo for the crack.

87. Sonus12 (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Yet another incredible and minimalist volume HUD. It is so small and looks so cute. Hack your iPhone repo is required for the crack.

88. Noctis12 (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Noctis12 is a beautiful system wide dark mode. For your widgets, For your stock apps. Definitely a tweak to get. Hack your iPhone repo for free version.

89. Mitsuha Infinity (Repo: repo.nepeta.me)

Beautiful Audio visualizer for Music and Spotify. Very lovely tweak. Surprised that it is free.

90. Bubblegum (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Another Beautiful theme. It is a really cute theme and offers a whole lot of unique icons. Such as a cute bird for twitter and Candy wrapper for candy crush etc. Definitely get this one.

91. FastForwardTime 

Very basic tweak that shows seconds along the time on lockscreen. Nice to have if you like details of stuff.

92. CoolFolder (Repo: repo.packix.com)

CoolFolder makes your folders cool. Removes the blur from the icons of folders and from inside the folders as well. Very nice tweak to have.

93. Artsy (Repo: repo.packix.com) 

Artsy is a nice tweak for music fans. It shows the current music artwork in the background of LS and Control Center. Comes with settings to adjust your needs.

94. Axon (Repo: repo.nepeta.me)

Axon is a priority HUB for your device. It. gives Icons to all apps that have notification in the notification center along with a badge that shows the number of notifications.

95. Appaze (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Set Volume And Brightness from 3D Touch Menu for Devices. Must have if you have a device with 3D touch supported. Hack your iPhone repo for the crack.

96. Chameleon (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Provides system wide colorization. Shine bright like a chameleon! Hack your iPhone repo for the crack.

 97. tweakCompatible [MUST HAVE++]

This tweak is a must have definitely! it automatically checks if a tweak is compatible for your device and iOS version or not.

98. ColorShortcuts (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

ColorShortcuts colorizes your 3D Touch Actions Bars with the App Color. If you like stuff to be uniform , Get it. Hack your iPhone repo for the crack.

99. PhotoManager (iOS 12) (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE]

Photos app manager for your device. Enable or disable or hide or lock photos or albums. If you have collection of Mia Khalifa you must have this. You need hack your iphone repo for crack version.

100. KillX Pro (Repo: repo.packix.com) [PAID] [CRACK AVAILABLE] [MUST HAVE]

Single customizable button to kill all your apps. Must have this one it's cute. Hack your iphone repo for crack.





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2 hours ago, spiro said:

localiapstore is outdated.

I don't know what exactly you mean by that but It still does work for most games and on 12.4 iOS.

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melior not working for me








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here is more tweak Answering Machine XS CallBar XS Video HUD ChargeAnimation RealLPM and more cracked repo repo.pulandres.me

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Added More Tweaks! , Updated.

14 minutes ago, LooksAreEverythings said:

melior not working for me


When you open Melior in the search menu make sure it doesn't say that the servers of Melior are down. I guess you get it from another repo. Probably it was hack your iphone.

1 hour ago, spiro said:

i pressed on an offer for $20, dismissed, and it says error.

what games does it work on

As I said , it does work on 60% of the games. Now a days game devs link the games with some servers making the LocalIAPStore feel useless. Believe me there are still alot of cool games that this works on.

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1 minute ago, iamunforgiven69 said:

Added More Tweaks! , Updated.

When you open Melior in the search menu make sure it doesn't say that the servers of Melior are down. I guess you get it from another repo. Probably it was hack your iphone.

nah now i using smartvolumecontrol







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P.s: If my help works don't hestitate to give me a Reaction 

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i have post more tweak in this post







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P.s: If my help works don't hestitate to give me a Reaction 

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  • Our picks

    • Cookie Run: Kingdom v2.6.201 +2 [Dmg, Def]
      Modded/Hacked App: Cookie Run: Kingdom By Devsisters Corp.
      Bundle ID: com.devsisters.ck
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cookie-run-kingdom/id1509450845?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - 5x Damage unlinked
      - 5x Defense unlinked

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/79-no-jailbreak-section/
      Modded Android APK(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/68-android-section/
      For more fun, check out the Club(s): https://iosgods.com/clubs/
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    • Robot Tactics X -Strategy JRPG v1.2.2.2122 +2 Cheats
      Modded/Hacked App: Robot Tactics X -Strategy JRPG By Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited
      Bundle ID: com.gamehollywood.rtx
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/robot-tactics-x-strategy-jrpg/id1563353844?uo=4

      Mod Requirements:
      - Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
      - Filza / iMazing or any other file managers for iOS.
      - Cydia Substrate, Substitute or libhooker depending on your jailbreak.
      - PreferenceLoader (from Cydia or Sileo).

      Hack Features:
      - x dmg
      - x def

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/79-no-jailbreak-section/
      Modded Android APK(s): https://iosgods.com/forum/68-android-section/
      For more fun, check out the Club(s): https://iosgods.com/clubs/

      iOS Hack Download Link:

      Hidden Content
      Download Hack

      Installation Instructions:
      STEP 1: Download the .deb Cydia hack file from the link above.
      STEP 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice.
      STEP 3: Using Filza or iFile, browse to where you saved the downloaded .deb file and tap on it.
      STEP 4: Once you tap on the file, you will need to press on 'Install' or 'Installer' from the options on your screen.
      STEP 5: Let Filza / iFile finish the cheat installation. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below.
      STEP 6: If the hack is a Mod Menu, which is usually the case nowadays, the cheat features can be toggled in-game. Some cheats have options that can be enabled from your iDevice settings.
      STEP 7: Turn on the features you want and play the game. You may need to follow further instructions inside the hack's popup in-game.


      NOTE: If you have any questions or problems, read our Troubleshooting topic & Frequently Asked Questions & Answers topic. If you still haven't found a solution, post your issue down below and we'll do our best to help! If the hack does work for you, post your feedback below and help out other fellow members that are encountering issues.

      - AlyssaX64

      Cheat Video/Screenshots:

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    • HAWK: Airplane Space games Cheats v37.2 +3
      Modded/Hacked App: HAWK: Airplane Fighter jet sky By My.com B.V.
      Bundle ID: com.my.hawk.air.shooter
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hawk-airplane-fighter-jet-sky/id1145878423?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - God Mode
      - OHK
      - Instant Win

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/89813-arm64-hawk-bullet-hell-jet-shooter-v33-jailed-cheats-1/

      Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/142184-hawk-airplane-fighter-jet-sky-cheats-v33-3/
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    • ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Cheats v1.1.0 +5
      Modded/Hacked App: ZIO and the Magic Scrolls By SuperPlanet corp.
      Bundle ID: com.superplanet.zio
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zio-and-the-magic-scrolls/id1534988573?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Multiply Damage
      - Multiply Defense
      - Auto Win
      - Infinite MP
      - Dumb AI

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/153684-zio-and-the-magic-scrolls-cheats-v1012-5/
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    • Sword Master Story Cheats v4.2.336 +3
      Modded/Hacked App: Sword Master Story By SuperPlanet corp.
      Bundle ID: com.superplanet.swordmaster
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sword-master-story/id1521447065?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Custom Player Stats
      - Weak Enemies
      - One Hit Kill
      - & More

      Press & Hold to read feature description

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/146819-sword-master-story-cheats-v42294-3/
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    • Archero v3.7.0 Jailed Cheats +2 [ Frozen Enemies ]
      Modded/Hacked App: Archero by HABBY PTE. LTD.
      Bundle ID: com.habby.archero
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/archero/id1453651052?uo=4&at=1010lce4

      Hack Features:
      - Frozen Enemies
      - OHK

      Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/96783-arm64-archero-cheats-v223-5/

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/100710-arm64-archero-v223-jailed-cheats-2/
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    • Archero Cheats v3.7.0 +5 [ God Mode & More ]
      Modded/Hacked App: Archero by HABBY PTE. LTD.
      Bundle ID: com.habby.archero
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/archero/id1453651052?uo=4&at=1010lce4

      Hack Features:
      - Multiply Defense to
      - Multiply Damage to
      - God Mode
      - OHK (Must use with God Mode)
      - Freeze Enemies

      NOTE: If you want to use god mode and ohk turn off multiply damage and defense first. I added multiply damage and defense there to avoid ban

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/100710-archero-v210-enemies-dont-attack-x30-attack/

      Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/96783-arm64-archero-cheats-v220-5/
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    • Garena Liên Quân Mobile / Garena RoV / Garena 傳說對決 Cheats (All Versions) +2
      Modded/Hacked App: Garena Liên Quân Mobile by Garena Mobile Private Limited
      Bundle ID: com.garena.game.kgvn
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/garena-li%C3%AAn-qu%C3%A2n-mobile/id1150288115?uo=4&at=1010lce4

      Hack Features:
      - Map Hacks

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/130903-arm64-garena-li%C3%AAn-qu%C3%A2n-mobile-cheats-v13518-1/
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      • 1,764 replies
    • Monopoly Tycoon Cheats (All Versions) +1
      Modded/Hacked App: Monopoly Tycoon By Nvizzio Creations Inc
      Bundle ID: com.nvizziocreations.mayfair
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/monopoly-tycoon/id1486225508?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Infinite Currencies

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/154295-monopoly-tycoon-v0153-jailed-cheats-1/

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/154293-monopoly-tycoon-cheats-all-versions-1/
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    • PunBall Cheats v1.5.0 +2
      Modded/Hacked App: PunBall By HABBY PTE. LTD.
      Bundle ID: com.habby.punball
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/punball/id1585781366?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Dumb Enemies
      - One Hit Kill

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/151406-punball-cheats-v100-2/
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    • 我也是大俠(Kung fu Supreme) Cheats v2.6.1 +1
      Modded/Hacked App: 我也是大俠(Kung fu Supreme) By MUJOY PTE. LTD.
      Bundle ID: com.ledu.m.wysdx.tw
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/%E6%88%91%E4%B9%9F%E6%98%AF%E5%A4%A7%E4%BF%A0-kung-fu-supreme/id1518000601?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Freeze Coin (Do not abuse and upgrade too fast and too much)

      Change language from iOS Settings

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/147020-%E6%88%91%E4%B9%9F%E6%98%AF%E5%A4%A7%E4%BF%A0kung-fu-supreme-v193-jailed-cheats-1/

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/147017-%E6%88%91%E4%B9%9F%E6%98%AF%E5%A4%A7%E4%BF%A0kung-fu-supreme-cheats-v193-1/
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    • SUPERSTAR SMTOWN Cheats v3.1.9 +2
      Modded/Hacked App: SUPERSTAR SMTOWN By DalcomSoft Japan, Inc.
      Bundle ID: jp.co.ponos.superstarsmtown
      iTunes Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/superstar-smtown/id1216136006?uo=4

      Hack Features:
      - Auto Dance
      - Never Lose Combo

      Non-Jailbroken & No Jailbreak required hack(s): https://iosgods.com/topic/154291-superstar-smtown-v319-jailed-cheats-1/

      iOS Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/154289-superstar-smtown-cheats-v319-2/
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