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  1. @DiDA hello, man. This game will be very popular soon, and I think it's time to try to hack it ASAP, before developers start fixing everything. Thank you.
  2. @absoluT1on there's problems with this hack: after the closing app, LVL and EXP resets to 0. Do you know how to avoid this?
  3. Name: Tacticool Version: 0.943.1 For Non-Jailbroken devices Request: I will write everything that players would like to see in hacked version, but of course, I understand, that it may be impossible to hack every item that I mentioned: - Free in-game purchases (Premium Kits, Money Kits etc.); - Free gears (weapons/operators etc.); - No Reload; - Speedhack; - One Hit Kill; - No recoil. Thank you very much!
  4. Nope, I didn’t try iOS 12 with new method and with 0.7.0 either. That’s why I decided to ask here if anyone tried, because updating to iOS 12 may cause some troubles with iCloud copy, and in case 0.7.0 doesn’t work (like 0.6.0) I dont wanna try in vain. U think it’ll work with new method? Can u explain why?
  5. Hello everyone. First of all, thanks DiDA for the hack. Has anyone tried to launch hacked 0.7.0 with the beta of iOS 12? Previous version instantly crashed, so i had to downgrade to 11.4. I don’t wanna try again, maybe someone already did?
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