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  1. Hello, The iOSGods app begen to start crashing directly at start up. I reinstalled it and now it’s just greyed out and doesn’t allow me to access the app after install. ...
  2. Hello, When I open the app, that was just working a day ago, it says it’s under maintenance. I am wondering if there is somewhere to view news on this such as what’s happening and estimated time of it being fixed? Thank you
  3. @Zahir Hello, So I messaged DADi about putting this on my iPad as well as my phone, but he has not answered back. I’m sure it is due to the current technical issues the app is having. I wanted to know if he’s the right person to talk to from what you said? Thank you!
  4. Yes same thing happening with me. Just use the free version for now. The app I wanted to use works at least.
  5. So at first I had the app+ installed and activated. I was downloading Dragon Ball Legends to install it and it kept saying failed to resign or whatever and not install the game. I then decided to reinstall the app+ to see if this would help. Everything installed fine until I went to the activation screen of the app. I clicked activate the it took me to safari and told me to review my settings profile. Went to settings profile and went to the activation profile and installed it. It then brought me back to app+ and stayed at the activation screen and nothing else. Is this a known problem or localized to just me? What’s the word. Thank you! I appreciate your work!
  6. Don’t think this is getting much attention anymore.... strange, still a popular game. Going to have to end the subscription as this app is the only reason I got iOSGods sub.
  7. Hello, I would like to install this app on my iPad as well please. I believe I will have to provide the UID, where should I send that? Thank you
  8. @DanYal Piccolo missions won’t complete such as the ki blast and special move ones. The space time rush challenges still won’t complete either. Thank you for your work we pay for!
  9. I take it we won’t receive a fix for the ultra space time rush? To prevent us the tickets for getting the new unit. How it seems.
  10. Has anyone tried the non OHKO version in pvp? Wondering if no one has been banned for it? Also, if it’s easy to make it not obvious...
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