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Posts posted by alex_png

  1. Just checked for myself and everything is still working. Make sure you’re following the guide correctly without missing any letters and without skipping any steps. In the uncanny doubtful scenario that Activision changes the key, I’ll update the key, but I probably won’t need to since it was not patched nor will it be. If you have other games that perform device bans that you’d like to have a guide of their own, just let me know through PM

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  2. On 10/26/2019 at 12:20 AM, idavidgeo said:

    That's brilliant! The first time I did it was by completely moving the 3 keychain-2 files, rebooting the phone and reinstalling the game. After creating a new account and completing the tutorial, I restored the old keychain files, rebooted, and voila! I but now I'm confused as to how COD identifies your account, because if I restored the banned keychain, my new account shouldn't be loaded. Even after reinstalling the game, it somehow finds the new unbanned account. What do you think is going on?

    I think it might fetch the keychain from the backup of the db, and it then compares the keychain to the bundle id of the game or by some sort of udid-wise string.

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  3. 14 hours ago, idavidgeo said:

    Really glad you figured it out! When I tried, I was searching the tables for giveaway strings such as "com.activision" and obviously didn't find anything. How did you manage to relate it with "6KZFBJ4CBY.*"?

    I tried to find the string too, to no avail though. I then thought about running the game, check the keys by date, uninstall the game and see which keys were affected, and that’s how I figured which key it was. This can be applied to other apps/games in case you can’t find them by their string.

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  4. 1 hour ago, BigBlub said:

    Doesn't work. Ive done the steps correctly but every time it just says im banned for like 10 years.

    Are you trying to log into your previous account? This doesn’t remove the ban from the account, only removes the ban from the device so you can create a new guest account and link it to a different Facebook/Line account that isn’t banned.

    11 hours ago, milliondollarkid said:

    Why I got a syntax error ?

    Delete the text thats in the search bar before pasting the one from the thread.

  5. 2 hours ago, XtakeroflifeX2 said:

    I couldnt get it to work i follow every step exactly any tip im using iPhone 6s ios 11.4.1

    Did you follow every step carefully? Let me know if you managed to get it to work. If not, I’ll walk you through it. 

    Edit: Ah, just read the other messages now. So it logs you automatically into the banned account? 


  6. So, a developer gave me his source code for a crack he built for a quite used Pokémon GO Spoofing app. Issue is, I don’t have a Mac nor do I have Theos and the knowledge to work with it. I was reading about it and is there a way I could compile the tweak on my iPhone using the terminal and by making changes to the makefile file? The cracked ipa is basically a non-jailbroken version, without the need of the tweak and a jailbreak, I just don’t know how to compile it to crack the spoofing ipa myself. Can someone help me? 

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