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  1. Neither hack works since forced update. Usually the small updates do not affect the hacks but this time it has. Please update asap @DiDA @Battusai Thank you
  2. Dida sent me a message saying the no attack is broken but they are currently working on a solution. He will let us know when it's fixed.
  3. I received a message this morning from the MSF Dev Team saying they suspected my alliance was cheating in raids and that offending members would be permanently banned if this activity didn't cease immediately. I am the only person who received the message in my alliance and I am the only person using the mod. This could be the end of easy street for all of us using this mod.
  4. This definitely works. The problem I now have is when I sideload the .ipa it doesn't communicate with game centre and effectively says I am starting the game from scratch. If anyone has had this issue before and fixed it, please help me. Thanks
  5. After the windows issue with Cydia Impactor was resolved, I side loaded the .ipa onto my iPhone as usual. It installed no problem but for some reason it wont communicate with Game Centre, so instead of loading my profile, it has me starting the game as if I am a new player. Please help because I am rubbish when it comes to technology. Any help please provide a step by step idiots guide. Thanks
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