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  1. Forgot to tell it. This tool is FREE but there is a limitation. You can use this tool 2hrs a day, but if youre a hardcore gamer you can purchase the full version.
  2. What is LazyPressing Bot? This works for both ios and android This auxiliary program can only be used on the computer Android SDK other than mobile terminals. Before applying such auxiliary program, you need to determine that your computer Android SDK shall operate the COC game normally, and then you can decide to buy. This auxiliary program supports the BlueStacks App Player based on WindowsXP and Windows7 systems. The application of such program on WIN8 has not been tested yet, some Users, however, report that this auxiliary program can be applied on the WIN8 system. And for players with Mac systems, they can firstly install the Parallels virtual machine and virtualize XP, and then install the BlueStacks App Player. Such installation method of nesting BlueStacks App Player in the virtual machine may minimize the machine and realize the complete background plug in. There shall be no risks of being banned as this auxiliary program will not read game memory and completely simulates the manual operation. The half-background operation of such auxiliary program will not influence the mouse & keyboard operations, but the BlueStacks App Player window shall not be concealed. And this program is available for using Android accounts on Android SDK installed in computers. By binding Google accounts, moreover, IOS Users may log in games and read the same game progress to play using Android phones, computer Android SDK or iPhones, IPAD, etc. 1.Download the ‘BlueStacks’ from the official website or the forum. The official website: http://www.bluestacks.com/ 2.Install the BlueStacks. 3.Download the file ‘800x600.reg’ from the forum.After installation of the BlueStacks,double click to run it.It can change the resolution ratio of the BlueStacks. 4.Download the newest version of Clash of Clans!And open it with BlueStacks. 5.Double click to run the BlueStacks and open Clash of Clans. 6.Link your Google Account with the game. 7.Open our script ‘LazyPressing.exe’. Download:- Removed - Virus scan? Its just false alarm but i will add virus scan later 8.Enter the poll code you purchase or you can have free trial for an hour twice in one day. 9. Set your attack option. 10.If you are a free user,press the bottom ‘Free Trial’. 11. Keep the window of BlueStacks and the main hall interface like this,and press F10. 12.And now,enjoy the amazing moment and you will get 10000000 gold and elixir in one day! PS:If LazyPressing can't search a battle,Close your anti-virus software,and then right click Lazypressing ,run as administator. PS: this tool is FREE but it has a limitation, you can use it 2 hrs a day. If youre a hardcore gamer, then purchase the full version.
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