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  1. On macOS, simply rename .imazingapp to .zip and unzip. Then, do your thing, and re-zip the contents of the unzipped folder, not the root! Step by step: MyApp.imazingapp -> rename to MyApp.zip Unzip MyApp.zip -> you'll get a folder named MyApp Edit files in MyApp/Container/. Don't delete or add files, only edits are permitted! Re-zip the CONTENTS of MyApp, not the MyApp folder itself Rename to .imazingapp Restore with iMazing Again, it is not possible to add or remove files from .imazingapp. For that kind of advanced work, you need to use iMazing to make an editable backup, edit app files in the backup (extract file->edit->re-inject, or delete files, or add files) and then extract the .imazingapp from the editable backup. You can make editable backups with the free trial, but file system operations are limited to 100 transfers. Enjoy!
  2. Hi, Why not simply extract Infinity Blade data to .imazingapp from the 6s, then just restore that .imazingapp to the XR? That would copy data over. Note that every game is different: some store saves in iCloud (optionally), some require a login and verify data to prevent tampering, etc... Not 100% sure how Infinity Blade 3 works. Why the Facebook login for instance? Can you not login at all? Also, do you have iCloud enabled for Infinity Blade? Finally, editing the .imazingapp file is possible, but strictly edits: adding or removing files won't work because they aren't referenced in the backup database. To do that kind of more involved work, you need to create an editable backup in iMazing, modify the app domain in the editable backup (including adding/removing files), then export to .imazingapp by drag and dropping the app from the editable backup to your desktop.
  3. Contacted a mod (Dida) before posting and included total disclosure... Is it really that bad?
  4. Hey all, I'm Greg, one of the developers of iMazing. Here's a raw little video where I unlock all characters and add 99'999 coins in Alto's Odyssey: At this time (March 2018), everything I do in this video is 100% available in the free version of iMazing, so feel free to give it a spin! I wouldn't advise sharing the patch, as there are unique IDs in the save data. Could be harmless, or could lead to strangeness... iMazing is not a game hacking tool, it's a fully fledged iOS device manager. But we like to have fun too, and this kind of harmless hack is a good showcase of the power of our software Have fun, G
  5. Yes, it will back up your entire device. It's an iOS limitation: files aren't directly accessible if you're not jailbroken, so we need to backup the device and pull app files from the backup. BTW backups are incremental, so once you have a first backup, following ones are MUCH faster!
  6. Hey guys, I'm one of the devs of iMazing. Nice to see our tool's being used! If you edit the .imazingapp file directly as described here, you can't add files or remove files, only overwrite/edit. There are some technical reasons behind that which I won't go into here... To do some more involved work on app data, you can make an editable backup (https://imazing.com/guides/how-to-edit-iphone-ipad-backup), then edit app files directly in the backup (Apps section in iMazing with the editable backup selected in the sidebar). Once that's done, simply drag and drop the app from the Apps view to your desktop and iMazing will extract it as an .imazingapp file, including all edits. Downside of this approach is that iMazing does limit the number of file system transfers you can do for free, but at 1000 free files, you should be able to do quite a lot without paying a dime. About errors: on non-jailbroken devices, app data can only be pulled from a backup so make sure you have enough space for that. When you restore a .imazingapp file, iMazing may need a backup of the target device too (encryption related reasons). If you're still getting errors, you can drop us a line via iMazing's Feedback menu and we'll get back to you pretty quickly. Cheers!
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