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  1. The game is updated to 4.2.2 so the hack needs an update as well.
  2. @Archangel04 got something weird. When using your hack farming B10 dungeons, there is no TIMER showing up during or after the battle. When I check the player record, it doesn’t say I pass that dungeon as well. Does it mean I can fast-farm B10 dungeons safely without getting reported by other players? Cos they don’t even know I have finished them. Is this part of your anti ban function or something?
  3. not so sure. I’ve played it before for half a day without using Godmode, 0 issue. Then I tried using Godmode (with a few other hacks on), had the problem. So I reckon Godmode might be the problem but not so sure. I tested it just now, with only Godmode on, no issue 🤷‍♀️. Seems the error is kinda random.
  4. wait, I just had a similar issue. After a battle it stays on the battle page. Had to restart the whole game. I had it when enabling the Godmode.
  5. Tested and confirmed that the no skill cooldown hack doesn’t work, others work perfectly.
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