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  1. So I will be showing you 3 methods to hack any game produced by Tapps. I will be showing Money Tree for this example. What you need —-> [Hidden Content]
  2. I’m just trying to make the community better in anyway possible, I’ll just have to be the first to do something I guess, because I truly like the game and I don’t want it to die.
  3. So I was thinking about making a community World of Tanks Blitz account, because I feel like the community is becoming more and more toxic everyday, I want to help reduce the toxicity by making a account for anyone to play on, have fun, play tanks that they may not have on their main account and try new things. I also saw how there’s almost nothing on Ios gods dealing with world of tanks which was surprising because iOS gods is such a big paltform and world of tanks is such a big game right. So I also decided to be the first person with something that you guys can do on iOS gods dealing with world of tanks. There is some rules to the account and I must warn you, don’t go on the account just to sell the hard earned tanks, people like you are the reason why the community sucks. Don’t change the password and keep all the tanks for you’re self, I will report to wargaming that the account was hacked and they can delete it. Do not buy anything, I want this account to be a f2p account,and it is also risky buying on a public account. Follow those rules and by no time we will have almost any tank in the game. There is more information on my YouTube, and I will keep posting and updating this topic every week or so. I will post the video link below and I will also give the account information. Also give me suggestions on what to do with the account since it is a community account. [email protected] Psw-CooL1245 video information below
  4. You must have done something wrong, because the duplicated app should be the main app, also try installing the nsb then open the app the upgrade it, hope this helps
  5. No, do not include the word example, if you did that’s the reason why it didn’t work, also don’t change the notifext, it varies on different devices. Hahahaha wdym, I show you how to duplicate the app to a lower version to put the nsb in then you can upgrade to the max version when you’re done? I have no idea how that’s misleading??
  6. You probably did something wrong in the, info.plist, you need to find 22 and 57 dictionary, and add any word behind it example- com.naturalmotion(you’re word)Ect After that just go back to documents and then click create zip, and then change it to .ipa then install and it should work Edit- “payload had to be a capital P,”Payload” not “payload” If you’re still having trouble here’s a link
  7. “Type anything in this format exactly “example -com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2LOL.no:ifext” I used “LOL” in this example but you can use any word you like, but the word has to be in the spot where I show you my example, no where else” Sorry that’s weird I couldn’t fix the white box
  8. So this is my first Official post, so if I get anything wrong please don’t blame me I will try to fix it. I will be showing you how to use any NSB in csr2 in the most current version of the game. What you need -jailbroken -cydia or Sileo -Ifile or Filza -AppSync Unified -App Admin -The NSB and SCB of you’re choice -CSR 2 duh [Hidden Content]
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