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  1. this is the oldest ios hacking site ever lol pretty sure its legit but what do i know I have only been here for 5 years lul
  2. the lines you're trying to modify aren't very helpful they're just storing and loading values, unless you're good with pointers id suggest trying to find the function where damage or score or whatever you're looking for is being called (look for MOV or ADD) and try modding that
  3. yes gg avabel and soon all asobimo games
  4. apple assumes that the apps you sign as a “developer” are corporate related for use internally only among just a small set of people. When they conduct their audits and find out the apps have been distributed to large quantities of people, the public, they revoke the certificate to stop the use of it forcing devs to resign under a different name to put it back up, this process takes time and has to always be done whenever apple’s servers conduct said audits of developer apps.
  5. so you finally fixed the error where changing name attributes gave admin privileges huh
  6. there are over 7 billion people in the world, if you truly think your idea is unique and hasn't been thought of I'd act fast before one of those other 7 billion people think of it too also you can google existing patents to see if someone already has one for your concept
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