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  1. There are not many people on the beta servers when you login to the account. Needed: Forward Assault 1. Go to Settings. 2. Press logout. 3. Press play. 4. Login using one of the accounts below. 5. Go into a game. 6. Enjoy, by the way there are knife skins on these accounts :). [Hidden Content]
  2. Forward Assault 10+ Skin Accounts before we even start, you need to know that I just kept making new accounts over and over again to get some good skins out of it. (That’s why there is only one skin in every single account) it took me about an hour to do this. I will probably update this once in a while what you need: Forward assault 1. Go to settings 2. Press logout 3. Press play 4. Login using one of the accounts below. 5. Go to inventory 6. Find your weapon 7. Equip your weapon. 8. Good luck [Hidden Content]
  3. I don’t know if it works but the only thing you could do since you’ve gone and broke your game, is to: first of all, delete all the unreleased items that you have crafted, and try this: 1.Delete the app 2. Re-install the app/ Download the app again. 3. Choose a server (in game when it pops up) (example the server where it says Server 3 [HOT!]) 4. Press yes when it says “Do you want to load your previous save?” Or something like that. 5. Enter the code it gives you (example: type 7193 to confirm) 6. It could maybe work now. Good luck!
  4. My iOS version is 11.3.1 I use Electra 11.3.1 Multipath Yeah, my forward assault crashes a single time when i open it everytime. So when I open it the second time it works fine. BUT, the mod menu is not showing up... (by the way every other modded game I have works just fine.) then I started thinking about if it crashes once and load the other time, maybe the iGMM won’t show up because it thinks that itself has caused to crash the game. the iGMM For Forward Assault i use is auto update. (Joka 11+ Cheats OH-K Jailbreak Electra Support) i don’t know why it crashes but I’ve already tried tricking it into me crashing it and loading it like it have already crashed once. ive even gone into the files with Filza, and tried changing it into thinking I don’t have root access. I don’t know. I just need some help. Thanks. sorry for my bad English, I’m danish.
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