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  1. No you’re supposed to have a chopper in order to move the generator to the watchtower to unlock the cold region. However, for other watchtowers you will need an ATV, which is yet not in the game. Therefore, you can’t build the ATV or else the game will not load.
  2. That’s how I feel rn after dying twice at the same spot like a dumb ass. Guess what valuable item I lost..... a grenade launcher. I feel like crying and restarting over. Those items you mentioned are uncraftable. Here’s a list of stuff you can’t craft.
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently frustrated since I uninstalled the hacked version to the normal version to purchase an item. Apparently after purchasing the item it doesn’t appear. I closed app and it appeared therefore I uninstalled it and downloaded the hacked version. This time it did not appear at all. Has this happened to any of you? Should I contact the app developer?
  4. Thank you very much Dida and for everyone who helped contribute, support and make the iOSGods community better ❤️. Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!
  5. Hello guys 👋🏼, I would love to share this awesome trick I discovered, when I went to The Farm, with you guys. 1. First, I would kill ALL zombies at the farm before grabbing the blue box. If you do not clear all zombies what would happen is if you pick the blue box up and try to drop it on the ground, it would multiply instead of dropping. Therefore, you will die from all zombies attack since it will not let you either exit out the map or fight. **** If you happened to pick the box up before killing all zombies, you may close and open the game up, go to another location (any) and back to the farm in order for the crate not to appear in your arms. **** 2. After all zombies are dead, you can safely pick up the blue box and drop it near the saw machine since it will be less work to walk to and from the machine. Also, it will multiply. 3. Be aware when opening the first blue box a horde will appear. Therefore, you will have to kill the small horde and afterwards when opening more crates zombies will not appear anymore. (I tried it 3 times in a row) 4. After opening the first crate, make sure to empty it all out either by deleting, using or moving it to your inventory before you can place the other duplicate box. (Repeat this until you are satisfied with your inventory). Sorry if it may sound confusing. Feel free too ask any questions.
  6. Can I join 🤔 even though I’m level 40. I’ve been playing since last year but I lost progress of my old account and had to create a new one couple days ago....
  7. Is it me or does the coin decreases? I tried speeding up the dog growth and my coins decreased? Does the hack work anymore or isn’t it just me? Also, forgive me if this has question is repetitive. NVM you guys I’m such a noob 🤦🏼‍♀️! I know what I’m doing wrong 😂
  8. By opening unknown box and save up to 75 coins (I believe thats the cheapest amount for gasoline) and then buy the gasoline worth 75 which will add 75 to the amount you already have and so on. And yes the game works just some parts of the features are not working but I can deal with it rather than nothing. ETA: Also to make it easier you can waste your energy and purchase it (only worth 25 coins) which will increase 25. Enough for you to get the gasoline worth 75 coins and then so on.
  9. Lucky! I’ve lost my previous account by not connecting it to Game Center so I had to start over recently. So far I’ve been able to max out the bunker by receiving a magazine when I completed a mission in sector 7. Also, I’ve only found 1 pine magazine while raiding. I’m wishing I stumble into another magazine to dup!
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